geeky d20 wedding

A Geeky d20 Wedding

The wedding season is upon us! The weather is warm, the roses are in bloom, and there's so much romance in the air that it makes the poets weep with joy. Is it any wonder that this is the most popular time of the year to get married?

Geeky d20 Wedding

Still, even though weddings are popular now, gamers like to do things a little differently than most (hey, no one ever accuses us of being ordinary!).

One of the trends we've seen through the years is the rise of the geeky d20 wedding. Instead of the traditional clanging of glasses at the wedding reception (you know, where guests CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! their glasses with knives and forks to get the newlyweds to kiss), couples are substituting a giant inflatable d20 for the ritual.

geeky d20 wedding

A Happy Surprise

When we first started selling the inflatable d20's here at Dark Elf Dice, we just assumed that people wanted to use the giant dice at outdoor events or pool parties. They're more or less awesome, geeky beach balls and they seemed a natural fit for batting around on the sand or rolling across the lawn at a neighbor's BBQ.

It wasn't long however that customers started writing and telling us how they were going to use the inflatable d20s at their wedding reception. How cool was that! We're passionate about the dice and miniatures we sell, and it made all of us happy to think that a product we offer was being used in one of the most important celebrations in a couple's life.

A New Tradition

Basically, this is how the geeky wedding works: instead of guests clanging glasses, they take turns rolling the inflatable d20. On a successful roll between 11 and 20 (a hit!), the newlyweds kiss, and on a failed roll between 1 and 10 (a miss!) the guests in attendance have to kiss their partners. We've heard of variations of this new tradition, but this is the gist of the geeky d20 wedding.

inflatable d20 wedding

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about gaming is how the hobby brings people together. Gaming events are times of happiness and laughter, and it only seems natural that the inflatable d20 would take a life of its own and be used in geeky weddings.

Have you used an inflatable d20 at your wedding reception, or do you know someone who has? We'd love to hear your story! Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

Until next time fellow travelers! If you're one of the lucky ones getting married this month I congratulate you. You're embarking on one of the greatest adventures this life has to offer, and you'll be sharing this special time with your best friend in all the multiverse. Happy adventuring!

June 16, 2018 — Shane Scarbrough
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Blended Dice

The Blended Dice Collection Keeps On Growing

At Dark Elf Dice, we're always adding new dice to our impressive catalog, and some of the newest dice launched were Blended dice -- polyhedral dice in unusual two-color mixes.

New Blended Dice

Since we started carrying Blended dice late last year, the collection has steadily grown. The three newest dice sets came out last week, and are sure to offer something special for gamers and collectors.

The new Blended dice include Glamour Spell, Vorpal Blade, and Wild Magic (you can view these and other Blended dice here).

Blended dice Glamour SpellGlamour Spell dice are an unusual mixture of yellow and rose -- two of the rarer colors on the market today. The end result is a beautiful mix that appears soft and velvety. These dice are a great choice for Bards and spell casters.

Vorpal Blade dice

Vorpal Blade dice feature a mix of purple and green. Unlike other purple/green mixes we sell, these Blended dice have a soft, metallic sheen. Combined with bright gold numbering, Vorpal Blade dice evoke the mystery of magical weapons.

Wild Magic dice

Rounding out the newest Blended dice in our collection is my personal favorite, Wild Magic dice. A purple and red mixture is the hallmark of Wild Magic. Where the two colors blend together, an almost coppery-hue is created. Again, these are awesome dice for spell casters -- especially sorcerers of any alignment.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy our newest Blended dice, be sure to check back often! As always, we'll be launching new dice sets over the coming months.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Take time to enjoy the precious gift of life, and have fun gaming :)

March 11, 2018 — Shane Scarbrough
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New Call of Cthulhu Dice

The New Call Of Cthulhu Dice Are Here

At Dark Elf Dice, we're big fans of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. It's hard to believe this horror classic is already in its seventh edition, but a game this good can't be stopped!

New Call Of Cthulhu Dice

Like most tabletop roleplaying games, players need dice, and Call of Cthulhu is no exception. For several years now, Q-Workshop has created amazing dice for CoC that help capture the mystery and horror of the game (to see the Cthulhu dice collection click here).

Last year, Q-Workshop and Chaosium teamed up yet again to expand the CoC dice line and launched an exciting Kickstarter project to bring new dice to the table. The Kickstarter proved to be a huge success, and 2,723 backers pledged over $280,000 to make the dream a reality.

Thanks to the Kickstarter, the new Call of Cthulhu dice are here. Four new plastic sets have been released under a sinister collection titled The Outer Gods. The dice are available in four separate colors: blue, green, red and yellow -- each color representing one of the Outer Gods of the CoC mythos (Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur). Like all Q-Workshop creations, these dice are rich with artistic carvings and symbols and quite frankly look flat-out amazing.

Metal Cthulhu Dice

As if four new CoC dice sets weren't enough, Q-Workshop also released the crown jewel of the Call of Cthulhu dice series: a premium metal set. These Cthulhu dice are a work of art: each metal die is adorned with sculpted tentacles and fanged mouths of madness on the corners. Really, there hasn't been anything produced quite like it in this or any other universe.

As soon as we introduced the metal dice on Dark Elf Dice, we sold out within a day. At the time of this blog post we're still sold out, but we have a new shipment inbound :)

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Q-Workshop/Chaosium partnership is one of the best collaborations in gaming, and has been for years. I was thrilled that both companies launched a Kickstarter to bring new Call of Cthulhu dice to CoC. It really is a good time to be a gamer and collector!

Until next time fellow travelers! May all your dice throws be critical hits, and all your enemies' dice throws be critical misses!

February 26, 2018 — Shane Scarbrough
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Inflatable D20 Dice

Giant Inflatable d20 Dice Are Back!

I have some good news :) Giant Inflatable d20 dice are back! It's been years, but the dice are finally being produced again. The dice were always a big hit with gamers, and we just received our first shipment.

Inflatable D20 Dice

The giant Inflatable d20 is the brainchild of Crystal Caste. When they first came out, CC would toss a few out at GenCon while the crowd was waiting in line. As you can imagine, good times ensued -- the dice were batted around like beach balls at a rock concert.

Initially, the Inflatable d20 was produced in 4 colors: black, red, blue, and green. The colors were a limited production run, and tended not to be released at the same time (though there was some overlap). The dice were a fixture not only at gaming conventions, but were a novelty item used on game nights, parties, and even weddings.

Back In Production

Sadly, about four years ago, the Inflatable d20 dice were retired. It happens with many products in the gaming space -- certain items get shelved so new products can be released.

Needless to say, we here at Dark Elf Dice were disappointed. All of us were big fans of the giant dice because they were so different and our customers really liked them. I lost track of all the conversations I had with the good folks at Crystal Caste regarding the Inflatable d20's, and I practically begged the company to bring 'em back.

I'm not sure how much of an influence my whining had in the decision to bring the dice back, but regardless they're here! This time around CC has released two colors at the same time: both black and red. At this point I'm not certain if the other colors are coming, but hopefully they will. There's even rumors that a purple d20 will be released.

If you're interested in checking out the Inflatable d20's please do so here.

Until next time fellow travelers! I hope everyone gets a chance to hang with friends this weekend and do some gaming. Happy adventuring!

January 26, 2018 — Shane Scarbrough
Mystic Dice

Mystic Dice Have Arrived

You can never have enough D&D dice, and neither can we! Dark Elf Dice has been expanding our considerable dice catalog these past months, and one of the most intriguing dice collections we've added are the spectacular Mystic dice.

Mystic Dice

Dice collectors may remember the old Silk line produced by Crystal Caste -- a mixed blend of opaque blacks, blues, purples, reds and white. Sadly, the Silk series was retired almost five years ago now, and it really is a shame. The dice had a bold, fresh look that proved to be popular with gamers looking to steer clear from dark mixes and wanting to "lighten" things up a bit. The dice were an amazing choice for wizards, illusionists, and other magic-based characters.

Silk Dice Red

The now retired Silk dice shown in red.

Thankfully, Mystic dice have materialized on the gaming scene and should prove a worthy replacement for the sadly missed Silk line. Mystic dice are a similar color mix of opaque hues and white. As of the time of this blog post, Mystic are the only dice in mass production that features white in a two-color mix. The colors tend to be a tad more vibrant than even the Silk, and come in even more attractive color choices:

  • Black and White
  • Blue and White
  • Green and White
  • Purple and White
  • Red and White
  • Teal and White

Mystic dice are definitely a great choice for magic-based characters and for anyone looking for beautiful dice. The collection is produced in complete, 7-piece polyhedral sets perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop role playing games.

More To Come

Mystic dice are only the beginning, and we'll be adding even more exciting RPG dice to the site in the weeks and months to come. Be sure to check out the Dark Elf Dice homepage for new arrivals, and this blog for more information as we showcase some of the new product lines.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Make each and every day special, and keep rolling natural 20's!

Please follow this link for more information on Mystic dice.

Mystic Dice Black Mystic Dice Blue

Mystic Dice Green Mystic Dice PurpleMystic Dice RedMystic Dice Teal
October 15, 2017 — Shane Scarbrough
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Gen Con Cosplay Staffs

Gen Con Cosplay Staffs

Recently, an awesome customer of ours wrote and told me about an amazing project he was working on. Like most of us, Eric is a serious gamer, but his recent store orders weren't for his favorite tabletop RPG games. In fact, Eric was taking the beautiful Oblivion Crystal dice he purchased and cutting them up for something extra special.

Gen Con Cosplay Project

At Dark Elf Dice, we like to carry a wide variety of RPG dice, and naturally our focus is on RPG gamers and collectors. That said, some of our customers like to get funky, and use dice to help unleash their unbridled creativity (please see my two prior blog posts Eades Beads: Jewelry That Tells A Story and Custom D20 Shift Knob for two such examples).

In Eric's case, he used his dice to help augment his latest cosplay project: two wizard staffs for this year's Gen Con.

In year's past, Eric and his wife had attended the convention as characters from Fallout (one of my all time favorite video game series!) and Portal. This year they plan to cosplay Red Wizards of Thay, and Eric handcrafted two gorgeous staffs that are flat-out amazing.

Eric is a self-taught artist, and he crafted the Gen Con staffs with a pool cue, wooden dowels, parts of a hot water heater, and the dice. Eric's wife was looking for something subtle, but was not. He tricked out both staffs with electronics to really add pizzazz and make any Red Wizard green with envy. The end result really speaks for itself, and Eric's cosplay staffs are truly works of art and beauty.

Gen Con Cosplay Staff

Gen Con Wizard Staff

RPG Dice Wizard Staff

Gen Con Staff

Gen Con Cosplay

Red Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff

Gen Con Cosplay Staff 2

Gen Con Wizard Staff 2

Cosplay Staff 2

RPG Dice Staff 2

RPG Staff 2

Wizard Staff Project

Wizard Staff Project 2

Gen Con Cosplay Wizard

Red Wizard of Thay Cosplay Staff

June 23, 2017 — Shane Scarbrough
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custom d20 shift knob

Custom D20 Shift Knob

In last month's blog post, I spoke about all the amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting since founding Dark Elf Dice. Gaming truly is a social activity, and it's the friendships and personal interactions that make RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons so much more than simply dice rolling and story telling. Recently I had the opportunity to get to know one of our customers a little bit more and learn about an exciting project he had in mind.

The D20 Shift Knob

Like many of us, Brandon Rubeck is passionate about RPG games and gaming dice. He's also a creative problem solver, and decided to take his enthusiasm for gaming to the next level by making a custom d20 shift knob for his car.

We had been exchanging emails when Brandon first told me about his idea. Needless to say, I thought it was brilliant. My first car was a stick shift, and I still have a lot of great memories about driving that old car, and really being "in the moment" while tooling around town. If you've ever driven stick, you know what I'm talking about. As Brandon succinctly put it:

I know it's nothing fancy, but right now I drive a 1995 Honda Civic, but downshifting to have some power to pull out of a turn is one of the funnest things you can do while driving. You just don't get the same experience while driving an automatic.

Dang straight! But anyway, back to the D20...

Brandon's idea was to take one our our giant D20's and convert it to a shifter knob. The d20 fits nicely in the palm of your hand, and would be absolutely perfect. Unfortunately, I'm not very mechanically inclined, so I couldn't give Brandon any advice on how to make his idea a reality. I encouraged him though, and I'm happy to say that the results came out amazing!

D20 Shift Knob

As I mentioned, Brandon is a creative problem solver. As he told me:

It wasn't difficult to do, although I did have some help. First we had to measure the thread pitch of my shifter to know how we should cut the threads. Then we drilled a hole slightly smaller than the size of the post for my shifter. Using a tap die kit, we cut the threads and then stuffed paper into the hole to make the die line up the way we wanted.

 As the A-Team's John "Hannibal" Smith used to say: I love it when a plan comes together!

Until next time fellow travelers! If you're not mechanically inclined like me, you can always pimp your ride with a set of fuzzy d20 dice.

Remember: life is an amazing adventure. Have fun and make every moment count :)

March 05, 2017 — Shane Scarbrough
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Now In Stock: Metal D&D Dice

Now In Stock: Metal D&D Dice

Just in time for the holiday season, we received a new shipment of metal D&D dice. The metals tend to sell out fast, but we're fully stocked in all the colors at the time of this blog post:

  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Sterling Gray

We have quite the selection, and several of the colors are available in matching d6 sets as well.

Metal D&D Dice

If you never gamed with metal D&D dice you're in for a treat. The dice are made from solid zinc and plated in shiny, durable nickel. The dice we carry are produced by MDG, and they really make a terrific product. Not only are the metal dice solid and heavy in your hand, they also have oversized numbers for truly easy-to-read rolls.

Dice Choices

We do our best to stock a huge variety of RPG dice for gamers of all budgets. That said, the metal D&D dice are one of the more expensive products we carry, and may not be the best choice for players just getting into Dungeons and Dragons, etc.

No doubt about it though -- they're great dice, and seasoned veterans and collectors may want to add a set to their arsenal. There's nothing quite as satisfying as the sound metal dice make when rolled across the table. Power. Strength. A gratifying "thunk." And just sheer awesomeness!

Metal Dice Pictures

I've posted a few pictures of the metal D&D dice below (gold, silver, and copper to be exact). If you'd like to see the entire collection, please be sure to visit Dark Elf Dice here.

Until next time fellow travelers! I hope you're having fun. Remember to play hard and cherish each and every day.

gold metal d&d dice

silver metal d&d dice

copper metal d&d dice

December 02, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
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combo attack dice

Combo Attack Dice Are Ready For A Fight

It's been a good year for new RPG dice releases. We've seen new dice from venerable manufacturers like Chessex (Ghostly Glow), and brand new product lines from indie developers like Gate Keeper Games (Halfsies dice). Now to top things off, we have a brand new RPG dice collection from MDG: Combo Attack dice.

Combo Attack Dice

Combo Attack dice derive their name from the "combo" of colors inherent in the series. Each set is a combination of two complimentary colors: black/yellow, blue/white, green/light green, orange/brown, and red/white. I'd also like to think that the second part of the name ("attack") has to do with the series willingness to fight all the other RPG dice out there for a place on the gaming table.

The Series Strength

combo attack dice orange brownAt Dark Elf Dice, we carry scads of gorgeous gaming dice, and Combo Attack dice definitely fit right in. The strength of the series derives from the pleasing, yet unusual color choices available for gamers.

Take for instance the Combo Attack orange/brown dice. As a whole, orange is underrepresented in the RPG dice scene compared to blue, black, or purple. MDG takes this little-used color and combines it with something really rare -- brown. The end result is something eye-catching and different from other gaming dice. The use of gold inking plays well against this color combo, and gives the dice a complete look that vies for your attention.

Can Handle Any Adventure

The other colors in the Combo Attack range have the same pluckiness, and can handle any role playing adventure. Exploring ancient ruins? No problem. Fighting a fierce family of Frost Giants? Got it covered. In the end, Combo Attack dice are ready for a fight and will handle whatever your imagination throws at them.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Check out the pics of the other Combo Attack dice, and always remember to keep on rolling :) 

combo attack dice blue

combo attack dice yellow

combo attack dice green

combo attack dice red


November 20, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
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ghostly glow dice

Ghostly Glow Dice Are All The Rage

Ghostly Glow dice are the latest creation from Chessex, and they're already proving to be very popular here at Dark Elf Dice. Available in both Pink and Orange, these RPG dice are beautiful in their own right -- a milky translucent with ethereal wisps of color. These dice are intense, but it's their eerie, bluish glow that really makes them special.

Ghostly Glow Dice

When we first added the Ghostly Glow dice to our website, we didn't even realize that they glowed-in-the-dark. You'd figure that the name "Ghostly Glow" would have tipped us off, but we simply added the dice because we liked the way they looked and believed that our customers and fans would as well. Besides, Chessex makes really terrific gaming dice, so how could we go wrong?


Since adding Ghostly Glow dice to our store last month, we've already had to re-order twice. Without a doubt, the glow is what makes these dice popular with gamers and collectors. I've been gaming since the 1980's, but I've never seen anything quite like these. A lot of glow-in-the-dark dice give off a greenish light, but I really can't recall seeing blue before. And those ethereal wisps of color I mentioned earlier? They actually turn dark when the lights are out, and this gives the dice a truly supernatural feel.

More Information

To learn more about Ghostly Glow dice, please click here. The dice are currently available in traditional 7-piece polyhedral sets. Until next time fellow travelers! Remember that life is an adventure, so make each and every day special.

ghostly glow pink

ghostly glow orange

November 13, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
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who knew dice

Who Knew? Dice Are Ready To Roll

Years ago, shortly after I first started playing table top role playing games, I visited our local hobby shop and started digging through the bin of colorful RPG dice they kept behind the counter. Now if you're like me (and I know you are), you have a certain fascination with game dice. So there I was, sorting through the d20s and d10s -- finding the most unusual ones and holding each up to the light like a fine jewel to admire the shape and color -- when I came across something very different indeed. A d30.

To say that I was excited is an understatement. This thirty-sided die was not only bigger than the other dice I had in my meager collection, but I could roll bigger numbers. I'm not sure what eventually became of that d30 (I searched my dice again before writing this blog post), but for a time it was the RPG die that I admired most because it was so different.

Who Knew? Dice

As gamers, we're all familiar with the standard dice needed for most RPGs. Even people who've never played Dungeons & Dragons, etc. can most likely recognize the strange, polyhedral dice we play with.

With that in mind, one manufacturer decided to stretch our imaginations just a bit. In the spirit of that unusual d30 I came across years ago, Koplow released a collection of strange RPG dice that are just so different.

The Collection

The aptly named Who Knew? collection consists of six dice in total: d3, d5, d7, d16, d24, and yes the d30. If anything, the dice are a definite conversation starter, but will find a practical use among creative Game Masters and players alike (for instance, I hand out the d4, d7, and d16 to players to use for damage dice for rare, legendary weapons).

Who Knew? dice are as different as they are utilitarian. The dice are molded in a standard, 16mm size so they "play well" with other RPG dice, and they come in only one color: jet black with stark white numbers. On one hand, the color choice may seem underwhelming (especially for gamers who enjoy bright, colorful dice), but on the other hand the color is definitely practical. The numbers are easy to read and basic black will coordinate with almost anything.

who knew dice 2

More Information

If you'd like to learn more about Who Knew? dice, or would like to make a purchase, please visit the Dark Elf Dice store page by clicking this link. Also, please feel free to share your thoughts and memories about any special dice you have in your collection. Gaming is a lifelong passion, so have fun out there. Until next time, fellow travelers! 


November 06, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
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new gemini dice color

We Just Can't Stop Talking About The New Gemini Dice Color

The Gemini dice collection is one of our favorites here at Dark Elf Dice, and our loyal customers would seem to agree. Gemini has been a perennial favorite ever since we opened, and it's not surprising why. When it comes to Gemini, Chessex really "got it right." The collection features the finest RPG dice in twin, complimentary colors, and there really is something awesome for everyone.

New Gemini Dice Color

Like most manufacturers, Chessex introduces different colors from time to time, and we're always excited to see what's new for the gaming table. I have to say that the newest Gemini Teal and Steel dice pattern really brought a smile to our faces.

Cool And Classy

Chessex has never been afraid to experiment, and they're one of the few companies that uses teal to great effect. Whether they're combining teal with copper, purple -- and now steel -- the end result is brilliant. The new teal and steel dice really come across as cool and classy. The two colors really work well together, and are a great fit with the other dice in the Gemini collection.

Share Your Thoughts

So what do you feel about the new Gemini dice color? How does it compare with some of the other colors in the Gemini collection? Share your thoughts and opinions with your fellow gamers and let your voice be heard!

Until next time, fellow travelers. May all your rolls be natural 20s :)

October 15, 2016 — Shane Scarbrough
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