Gen Con Cosplay Staffs

Recently, an awesome customer of ours wrote and told me about an amazing project he was working on. Like most of us, Eric is a serious gamer, but his recent store orders weren't for his favorite tabletop RPG games. In fact, Eric was taking the beautiful Oblivion Crystal dice he purchased and cutting them up for something extra special.

Gen Con Cosplay Project

At Dark Elf Dice, we like to carry a wide variety of RPG dice, and naturally our focus is on RPG gamers and collectors. That said, some of our customers like to get funky, and use dice to help unleash their unbridled creativity (please see my two prior blog posts Eades Beads: Jewelry That Tells A Story and Custom D20 Shift Knob for two such examples).

In Eric's case, he used his dice to help augment his latest cosplay project: two wizard staffs for this year's Gen Con.

In year's past, Eric and his wife had attended the convention as characters from Fallout (one of my all time favorite video game series!) and Portal. This year they plan to cosplay Red Wizards of Thay, and Eric handcrafted two gorgeous staffs that are flat-out amazing.

Eric is a self-taught artist, and he crafted the Gen Con staffs with a pool cue, wooden dowels, parts of a hot water heater, and the dice. Eric's wife was looking for something subtle, but was not. He tricked out both staffs with electronics to really add pizzazz and make any Red Wizard green with envy. The end result really speaks for itself, and Eric's cosplay staffs are truly works of art and beauty.

Gen Con Cosplay Staff

Gen Con Wizard Staff

RPG Dice Wizard Staff

Gen Con Staff

Gen Con Cosplay

Red Wizard Staff

Wizard Staff

Gen Con Cosplay Staff 2

Gen Con Wizard Staff 2

Cosplay Staff 2

RPG Dice Staff 2

RPG Staff 2

Wizard Staff Project

Wizard Staff Project 2

Gen Con Cosplay Wizard

Red Wizard of Thay Cosplay Staff




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Thanks for the shout out, and carrying the dice needed! While I did cringe a bit to mod the dice, they worked really great for these props!

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