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Hello, and welcome to Dark Elf Dice. We’re so glad you’re here!

At Dark Elf Dice we believe that life is an amazing adventure and we want to help you tell your own unique story! Rolling since 2005, Dark Elf Dice is a family owned and operated business that offers a huge selection of dice, amazing prices, and world class customer service. We're gamers and collectors too, and we're passionate about the dice and gaming products we sell.

What’s In A Name?

How’d you come up with your business name? It’s one of the questions we get asked a lot, and one we love answering :) Interestingly enough, the name Dark Elf Dice has roots going all the way back to 1981 when Shane was first introduced to the Dungeons & Dragons adventure module Descent Into the Depths of the Earth, written by the legend himself, Gary Gygax. It was the first time Shane had ever heard of the drow, or dark elves, and he was simply captivated (still is). Here was a race of elves so unlike anything he had ever role-played or read about before in his favorite book, The Hobbit. Imagine – a race of subterranean elves living in a vast, mysterious place called The Underdark! How cool is that?!

What We Do

We know dice! Lots, and lots of dice! As gamers, we know you can never have enough of ‘em, and that’s why we aim to create a unique shopping experience, offering the largest selection of awesome dice in the multiverse (as well as gaming miniatures and accessories to enliven your RPG sessions).

Every dice set we sell represents an untold story. Within your hands you can literally control the fate of an imaginary world. Will your character defeat the evil lich-king, or simply convince the inn keeper to hide your companions from the angry mob? -- I told you not to steal the town’s ancient relics! 

Roll the dice and let your story unfold...

How About You?

If you have any questions at all or would like to share your TTRPG story, please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our FAQ page.

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And most of all, thanks again for stopping by. Awesome gamers like you are truly what makes Dark Elf Dice an exciting lifetime pursuit. Happy adventuring!

Shane getting things ready for family D&D night.

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