Giant Foam D20s!

A Dark Elf Dice exclusive! Get the party started with a Giant Foam D20. Our chonky foam d20 dice are soft and squishy and easy-to-roll.

World's Best Selection of Gemstone Dice!

Dark Elf Dice is your source for authentic gemstone dice used for Dungeons and Dragons and RPG games. Carved from semi-precious stones, these DnD dice rock! Huge selection. Outstanding prices.

Exclusive Kickstarter Dice

The response has been overwhelming! Check out all the exclusive dice from our Kickstarter campaigns and be sure to stay tuned -- we have more amazing dice in the works and will be launching the next Kickstarter soon :)

A Dark Elf Dice Exclusive

Mystery Dice Swag Bags Are Hot!

Check out our Mystery Dice Swag Bags and prepare to be amazed! Each bag contains a random assortment of 18 premium game dice + an epic d20. Choose a Dragon Eye, Liquid Core, Floating Eyeball or Metal Enamel twenty-sider and let the good times roll :)

Roll A Nat 20

D20 Dice On Sale Now!

Looking for d20 dice? You came to the right place! Dark Elf Dice has giant twenty-sided dice, metal d20s, gemstones, and more!

Paint your miniatures fast and easy!

Vallejo Xpress Colors

Need to paint your miniatures fast, but still want your models to look amazing? Xpress Color is the ideal choice. Base, highlight, shade in one coat.

Get A Great Deal

Factory Seconds

Looking to score a great deal on DnD dice and accessories? Check out our Factory Seconds collection and see what you find. Factory Seconds are slightly imperfect dice, but are fully functional (minor blemishes, paint overspray, etc.). Inventory changes frequently and goes fast, so check back often. You never know what you'll discover.


Free DnD 5e Character Sheets

Get your free DnD 5e character sheets! These exclusive character sheets for the world's greatest tabletop roleplaying game feature exclusive artwork to help inspire your imagination.

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