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Cute Koala Dice

The dice came in amazing condition and look just like the pictures. They are super cute and I have used them in many games of mine.

Perfect for my Toddler

I bought this as a gift for my toddler. I wanted to give her a birthday gift that could normalize or spark an interest in tabletop gaming, but smaller dice are choking hazard. Because this one is made from silicone, I don't have to worry about it damaging the tile, hardwood floors, or Daddy's foot (as much) when she drops it. Her birthday is in another month, so she hasn't seen it yet, but is already very interested in Daddy's other dice! :) The product showed up exactly as shown in the picture, no seams from the cast mould or anything like that. I'd definitely recommend it for kids. I like flashier stuff for myself.

Banshee Dice (Purple) RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

Cute Dice!

Every little dog is adorable and I love the tiny red noses! With the crystal clear dice, you can appreciate every ounce of cuteness in those big eyes, the little paws, and the tail!
Plus, the numbers are still super easy to read!

Look really good!

All of the dice look amazing and are in perfect condition!

Giant d20

Love the heft and weight of it, love that it's metal and not plastic--feels exactly like I wanted it too! If I could change one thing, it'd have sharp cut edges instead of rounded edges, but honestly it's pretty great and I'm happy with it :)

Wonderful Dice!

These dice are deceptively cool. There are even some see through properties with these dice! I am really happy to get to smiting with these dice! The cool blue and electric yellow together look amazing!


Came packed neatly, look fantastic and roll well


Well made, nice matching colors. Very fun to roll

It's so pretty!!!

It's especially stunning when you hold it up to the light; the colors shine through exquisitely! And it rolls great. The electric blue glitter is a great addition for my Wild Magic Barbarian.

Awesome dice

These dice are awesome and the envy of my gaming table. Everyone I play with wants metal dice now and I'm going to get some more too.

Superb Dice!

Ordered up 8 sets of Chessex speckled dice to complete my collection. Now have one in each flavor to complete the speckled set! Excellent quality dice, decent little containers, great price & fast shipping from D.E.D. - would order again! Use these sets to complement the colors of the MtG deck I'm playing that day :D

Turtle dice

Dice arrived in good shape and well packed as always. These Critter Turtle dice are a fun addition to my collect. Dark Elf Dice is the first place I look when dice shopping.

So cute!

I got these for my daughter who loves koalas. She has been wanting to join our games :) they are adorable and look great.

Just what I was looking for

Paired with a few other of the large dice types it was perfect for doing some damage to any unsuspecting table

Thumbs up

Gray is my fav color. Love the solid and numbers are easy to see.

Ducky Ducky Ducky Dice

very good, mostly as shown. The photos are against a white backdrop which probably makes the transparent colours appear more saturated than irl - the blue was slightly less intense than I was expecting but overall quality is good. It looks very nice and was appreciated by the receiver. Allow plenty of time for shipping if you are buying as a gift international shipping everywhere is extremely delayed. Add another month or two. Not the sellers fault but something to consider if you need it by a certain date and using international ship option. 5 stars

Sparkly n gorgeous

I've just gotten into DnD and my dice goblin instincts seem to be strong, the confetti dice are wonderfully pastel cute n sparkly among my stronger coloured dice

Thoroughly Awesome!

Love the quality and marbled style!

Absolutely Beautiful!

I love these dice. they are not only beautiful but have a weight to them i like. the corners can be sharp at times but the beauty is in the blend of sharp points and the occasional curves on others.

Nebula Luminary Dice

Great set of dice and beautiful colors! They feel great in the hand and would deserve a five star if the colors were distributed a bit more evenly. Overall a great addition to the collection!

looks great

Solid dice, nice corners/edges very crisp. Hasn't betrayed me yet 10/10 would buy again

Wood elf avatar

The figure is a very detailed, great looking representation of an elf. Item arrived very quickly seems as though it needed to be imported. Thank you.

I loved it!

Great service, and it came in just a couple days. It also came with a free sticker along a cute elf character. I liked it.

Dice Bag: Camouflage | Cotton RPG Dice Bag, Satin Lined