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Fabulous random assortment!

I got two of these bulk bags, and absolutely LOVE the random assortment! They were a big hit for a scavenger hunt! No two bags are alike, and the fun of seeing what you get makes it so worth it!

Arrived very quickly and very happy with the product!

For a gift

Bought them for my significant other as a present! Beautiful dice, the colors are beautiful and look even better in person. I will probably buy more dice in the future. The prices are affordable.

Awesome Dice

Great dice, really cool colors and the box is fantastic

I love these dice. They’re a great conversation starter.


Always enjoy the surprise

I was very happy with the mystery bag! Beautiful dice, the individual dice are by far my favorite.

as described and great quality

as described and great quality

Update on Damaged Dice

I had originally posted about a damaged D4 in a set of otherwise excellent Hematite dice, but after contacting the vendor, they offered to mail a replacement. Excellent service and beautiful dice!

Love that owlbear, was send quick and no issues

Paint came off almost immediately, very cool otherwise

This die is worth every cent! It's giant,...

This die is worth every cent! It's giant, super hefty, and looks great. The size makes it's a bit brutal to roll if you don't have a decent mat or something to roll in but that's a simple addition most people looking at this likely have already. I wasn't holding my breath that this was going to be as substantial as it but now that I've handled it, I'm going to order the silver as well.

The dice are surprisingly readable. The sk...

The dice are surprisingly readable. The skulls are very detailed and are super dope!!! The rounded corners are also greatly appreciated

Nice dice!

Very cute dice, I love mini sets :) The delivery took some time, but it was worth it. They have a nice weight, especially considering their size.

Started a small campaign as a cleric and these were the perfect addition! Tin and dice came in perfect condition.

Great value

"my" standard dice set is 2 each of d20, d12, d10, d8, and d4 with 6d6. NOBODY sells this kind of set, so I have to build them myself. I got 6 sets of Pearl Dice (Blue, Gold Numbers) RPG Role Playing Game Dice on sale for about 5 bucks each. They arrived quickly, are a good size, and easy to read. Very pleased with these dice!

Beautiful dice!!!!

I really love these! They are so pretty, and the skeleton decals are suuuuuper cool.


The dice have been great, the jumbo size has made it more fun to roll and clear what the numbers are. The weight is good and they roll well. The material is of high quality and the painting of the pips is well done. Would recommend for sure for anyone wanting a large polyset of dnd dice. I've displayed the dice in one of my dice tubes (not included). The dice come with a nice black bag.

My personal favorite

With the shape almost the same as a d20 but with six times the power, I believe this is my favorite die. It allows for a great surprise for your party, and it's eerie green glow made for a great poster for our schools game club.

The Master's Matrix Customizable DM Screen (Purple) | 4-Panel Custom GM Screen

It's amazing! I have been searching it a lot of time. For now I am happy! Special thanks for Dark Elf. High quality and fast delivery!

It's a solid die, I like how the color cam...

It's a solid die, I like how the color came out