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Diffusion Dice Collection

Dark Elf Dice is your source for Diffusion Dice by Role 4 Initiative. Diffusion Dice are approximately 20% larger than ordinary gaming dice (18mm as opposed to 16mm). This extra size results in high visibility and bigger numbers. 

Diffusion dice are available in a ton of amazing colors. Each translucent set is infused with ribbons of intense color and dazzling inclusions, resulting in beautifully unique dice sure to make an impact on game night.


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All About Diffusion Dice

I'm a huge fan of Role 4 Initiative, a small family business that produces some of the best tabletop RPG dice and accessories available for sale today. We were one of the first online shops to carry their amazing Diffusion Dice collection, and I have several sets in my personal hoard that I rely on for my weekly D&D and Pathfinder sessions.

Initially, Diffusion Dice were produced in traditional polyhedral shapes, but Role 4 Initiative recently made the bold move of redesigning both the d4 and d20 that gamers are most familiar with. In regards to the d4, all Diffusion Dice sets now have an Arch'd d4 -- a more easily picked up and rolled rounded shape with top reading numbers. The d20 still retains its universal shape, but the numbers have been numerically balanced providing a more even distribution of results by ensuring that all adjacent groups of 5 sides add to 52 or 53.

What hasn't changed though is the high quality evident in each Diffusion Dice set. The dice are cleanly cast, well-inked, and have gorgeous color infusions. I'm proud to carry these beautifully unique dice on Dark Elf Dice, and I know you'll be happy with whatever set you choose for your next tabletop adventure. Keep rolling nat 20s!

- Shane

Wonderful Dice For Game Night

Diffusion Dice are larger than normal game dice, available in colorful assortments, and are just waiting for your greatest adventures :)

Diffusion Dice FAQ

Who makes Diffusion Dice?

Diffusion Dice are made by Role 4 Initiative -- a small family business known for their unique dice designs and attention to detail.

Are Diffusion Dice any good?

Absolutely! Diffusion Dice are premium game dice available in both 7 piece and 15 piece configurations. The traditional d4 and d20 have been replaced with an Arch'd d4 and numerically balanced d20 to ensure easy and fair rolls.

Are Diffusion Dice larger than other game dice?

Yes, Diffusion Dice are larger than most game dice on today's market -- about 20% larger to be exact. Role 4 Initiative opted to create bigger, 18mm dice to ensure greater visabilit and easier-to-read rolls.

Can Diffusion Dice be used for Dungeons and Dragons?

Yes :) Despite the redesigned d4 and d20, Diffusion Dice still have all the dice you need for a Dungeons and Dragons session: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12 and d20. In fact, Diffusion Dice can be used for any game that requires a traditional polyhedral dice set.

What are Diffusion Dice made of?

Diffusion Dice are made from a hardened plastic acrylic. The dice have been infused with ribbons of color, and some have added inclusions. The dice are extremely durable and will hold up to normal gameplay without any issue.

Still have questions about Diffusion Dice? Please use the Contact button below and ask away :) We want you to have the the answers you need in order to make an informed buying decision.