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Simply stunning! Sharp Edge Dice are crafted from pure resin and holographic foil. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the dice shimmer in your hand as you gently turn them in the light. We have the best selection of affordable, Sharp Edge dice for your game table in a wide variety of colors with inclusions.


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All About Sharp Edge Dice

In the DnD dice business, we always look for something new and exciting for gamers and collectors. We dream big, and quite often our imaginations exceed what is physically possible to produce. Dice manufacturing techniques have advanced tremendously since Dark Elf Dice opened its doors in 2005. Dice that are now commonplace, such as hollow metal and layered resin, were only a dream 17 years ago. Today is a new era, and modern advancements have given rise to Sharp Edge dice.

I should note that dice with sharp edges have been around for decades -- most notably Gamescience dice. These precision dice (unlike Chessex and some others) were cliped from their sprues and never machine tumbled -- thus the dice were able to retain their sharp edges.

Like Gamescience, the Sharp Edge dice in our collection aren't machine tumbled. The dice sets are made in small batches from hand-poured resin with inclusions (typically holographic or metallic foil that catches the light in striking ways). Once the resin cures, the dice are cleaned and polished by hand. The end result is breathtaking -- beautiful dice with sharp, precision edges and points. The dice look amazing and roll great on the game table. Sharp Edge dice are some of the most beautiful DnD dice you will ever see, and will undoubtedly find a place of honor in your collection.

Until next time fellow travelers! Happy adventuring and stay sharp :)

- Shane

Sharp Edge Dice FAQ

Where can I buy Sharp Edge dice?

Dark Elf Dice is your source for Sharp Edge dice. We have one of the most extensive dice collections on the internet, and our Sharp Edge dice are available in a wide variety of colors with mesmerizing inclusions.

We recognize that you have many buying choices on the internet, but we hope Dark Elf Dice will be your dice shop of choice. We're one of the oldest and most trusted dice stores on the web, and have been supplying gamers and collectors with DnD dice, RPG miniatures, and gaming accessories since 2005.

We offer:

1) Low prices,

2) A huge product catalog,

3) Fast shipping,

4) Outstanding customer service.

We're the dice experts, and we would love to be your Sharp Edge dice supplier as you journey to imaginative worlds of adventure.

Why do the dice have sharp edges?

As the name suggests, Sharp Edge dice have sharp edges and pointy points. This effect is possible, because unlike most acrylic or resin dice, Sharp Edge dice aren't machine-tumbled. Tumbling smooths the edges and rounds the dice points (akin to tumbling stones in a rock tumbler, though not to such a degree).

How do you make Sharp Edge dice?

Made in small batches, Sharp Edge dice are truly remarkable.

1) First, tinted resin is hand-poured into molds.

2) Before the resin has a chance to set, inclusions are added to the dice. These inclusions are typically holographic film or metallic foil, though other effects can be added as well, such as glitter, or even plastic skulls!).

3) Once the resin is fully set, the dice are removed from the molds and cleaned/washed thoroughly.

4) As mentioned previously, Sharp Edge dice are not machine-tumbled. Instead, the dice are cleaned and polished by hand in order to retain the sharp edges and points.

To learn more about these amazing dice, please take a look at our blog article: It's All About Sharp Edge Inclusion Dice.

Do Sharp Edge dice roll better?

Both Sharp Edge dice and plastic, machine-tumbled dice are made with the same underlying principles:

1) The dice are manufactured and intended for casual, tabletop roleplaying games.

2) Both types of dice are designed using center mass principles and lines of symmetry to make the dice fully functional and to generate random numbers.

In theory, Sharp Edge dice should roll better, because the edges are not smoothed and the points rounded. There is some belief that Sharp Edge dice are "fairer." That said, dice bias, isn't as straightforward as "sharp vs. rounded" and a lot of factors come into play to determine a "fair" or better dice roll, including the specific manufacturing process and materials used, the actual dice or batches of dice being produced and the physical mechanics of how the dice are rolled, or being "flopped."

So, do Sharp Edge dice roll better? In theory yes, but in practice not necessarily. The bottom line is this: DnD dice are made to be enjoyed and used for casual games -- Sharp Edge or otherwise. Both types of dice are perfectly fine for making all your rolls-to-hit and savings throws, and any bias between the two should make so little difference as to be unnoticeable or statistically insignificant for a friendly night of Dungeons and Dragons or the tabletop roleplaying game of your choice.

Still have questions about Sharp Edge dice? Please use the Contact button below ask the Dark Elf Dice experts :) We want you to have the the answers you need in order to make an informed buying decision. Keep rolling nat 20s!