Adventurers and Adversaries Miniatures Collection
Bring Character to your Character...

Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures Collection

Dark Elf Dice is your source for Adventurers & Adversaries miniatures, a customizable line of tabletop roleplaying game models.

Adventurers & Adversaries is a range of high quality 28mm customizable resin miniatures for all your TTRPG needs. Each miniature has a wide variety of options for you to customize and make your miniature truly your own. Perfect to use in your favorite role playing game or for painting and collecting.


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Customizable TTRPG miniatures

All About Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures

It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Norse Foundry and their amazing products, and it pleases me that Dark Elf Dice has been a proud supporter of the company for several years. When I heard that NF was releasing a collection of tabletop roleplaying miniatures based on different character classes, I just knew we had to have the models available for sale on our website.

Adventurers & Adversaries is a collection of customizable miniatures designed and cast by people who truly care about the tabletop roleplaying community. Proudly manufactured in the USA, each Adventurers & Adversaries miniature comes with a number of well designed weapon and spell options plus different head swaps to allow gamers to build a unique model to call their very own.

Besides the spectacular quality and packaging of the minis (each miniature comes with its very own tin storage box), the thing I like best about the product line is the fun selection of models available -- many sculpts that are underrepresented by manufacturers today. Whether you need Catfolk, Dragonfolk, Turtlefolk, Demonkin or Forged for your game table, Adventurers & Adversaries has something for you. As the taggline says, you can bring character to your characters with this fun miniature collection.

- Shane

Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures FAQ

Are Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures any good?

Absolutely! Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures are a collection of high quality models suitable for DnD and all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games. The miniatures are cleanly cast and come with several customizable options including alternate weapons, spells, and head swaps.

What are Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures made from?

Adventurers & Adversaries miniatures are made from high quality, plastic resin.

Do Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures require assembly?

Yes, due to the customizable nature of these models, Adventurers & Adversaries miniatures require assembly. These models come with many different options (weapons, spells, heads), and gamers need to assemble, prime and paint the miniatures before they are used on the game table.

What scale are Adventurers & Adversaries Miniatures?

The miniatures are 28mm scale and come with a round, 25mm base. The models fit in perfectly with other TTRPG miniature product lines.

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