Mystic Dice Have Arrived

Mystic Dice Have Arrived

You can never have enough D&D dice, and neither can we! Dark Elf Dice has been expanding our considerable dice catalog these past months, and one of the most intriguing dice collections we've added are the spectacular Mystic dice.

Mystic Dice

Dice collectors may remember the old Silk line produced by Crystal Caste -- a mixed blend of opaque blacks, blues, purples, reds and white. Sadly, the Silk series was retired almost five years ago now, and it really is a shame. The dice had a bold, fresh look that proved to be popular with gamers looking to steer clear from dark mixes and wanting to "lighten" things up a bit. The dice were an amazing choice for wizards, illusionists, and other magic-based characters.

Silk Dice Red

The now retired Silk dice shown in red.

Thankfully, Mystic dice have materialized on the gaming scene and should prove a worthy replacement for the sadly missed Silk line. Mystic dice are a similar color mix of opaque hues and white. As of the time of this blog post, Mystic are the only dice in mass production that features white in a two-color mix. The colors tend to be a tad more vibrant than even the Silk, and come in even more attractive color choices:

  • Black and White
  • Blue and White
  • Green and White
  • Purple and White
  • Red and White
  • Teal and White

Mystic dice are definitely a great choice for magic-based characters and for anyone looking for beautiful dice. The collection is produced in complete, 7-piece polyhedral sets perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other tabletop role playing games.

More To Come

Mystic dice are only the beginning, and we'll be adding even more exciting RPG dice to the site in the weeks and months to come. Be sure to check out the Dark Elf Dice homepage for new arrivals, and this blog for more information as we showcase some of the new product lines.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Make each and every day special, and keep rolling natural 20's! 

Please follow this link for more information on Mystic dice.

Mystic Dice Black Mystic Dice Blue

Mystic Dice Green Mystic Dice PurpleMystic Dice RedMystic Dice Teal


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