Over the holidays, new Reaper Miniatures were released, and boy are they awesome! Headlining the new minis is none other than the Red Raven, the vigilante hero from the Pathfinder mythos. This iconic character comes complete with dual-wield daggers and tattered cloak. This mini also works well as a master thief or assassin in the RPG of your choice (though this mini just begs to be painted red in my opinion).

The Red Raven 60203

Aravir the Elf Ranger comes next, a two-fisted fighter just begging for action and adventure. Check out his weather-beaten cloak and elvish armor expertly painted in this example picture. This new Reaper Miniature is sure to find a place on just about any gaming table.

Aravir, Elf Ranger 3763

new reaper miniatures elf ranger

Not to be outdone by her kinsman, Merrowyn Lightstar is here to save the day! This heavy armor wearing Elf Paladin is ready to take on the forces of evil with her imposing sword and board setup. Your paint choices are limitless, but I can't help but imagine Merrowyn wearing anything other than white armor gilded with gold highlights (yes, it'd be a pain to keep clean, but it'd be ultra cool -- especially for a lawful good champion of light).

Merrowyn Lightstar, Female Elf Paladin 3764

The Highlander Heroine finishes the new releases. She's warrior-born and wields a fierce, two-handed claymore. Her worn cloak and simple armor pieces are fringed with thick fur, and she wears her hair in a tribal braid. Like all the new Reaper Miniatures, she's a highly detailed mini ready for your greatest adventures.

Highlander Heroine 3765

If you're interested in more Reaper Miniatures, but sure to browse our Dark Elf Dice store. We currently have over 500 models to chose from.

Until next time fellow travelers! Live each and every day to the fullest, and make sure to have fun along the way.

January 10, 2017 — Shane Scarbrough

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