The New Call Of Cthulhu Dice Are Here

The New Call Of Cthulhu Dice Are Here

At Dark Elf Dice, we're big fans of Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. It's hard to believe this horror classic is already in its seventh edition, but a game this good can't be stopped!

New Call Of Cthulhu Dice

Like most tabletop roleplaying games, players need dice, and Call of Cthulhu is no exception. For several years now, Q-Workshop has created amazing dice for CoC that help capture the mystery and horror of the game (to see the Cthulhu dice collection click here).

Last year, Q-Workshop and Chaosium teamed up yet again to expand the CoC dice line and launched an exciting Kickstarter project to bring new dice to the table. The Kickstarter proved to be a huge success, and 2,723 backers pledged over $280,000 to make the dream a reality.

Thanks to the Kickstarter, the new Call of Cthulhu dice are here. Four new plastic sets have been released under a sinister collection titled The Outer Gods. The dice are available in four separate colors: blue, green, red and yellow -- each color representing one of the Outer Gods of the CoC mythos (Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and Hastur). Like all Q-Workshop creations, these dice are rich with artistic carvings and symbols and quite frankly look flat-out amazing.

Metal Cthulhu Dice

As if four new CoC dice sets weren't enough, Q-Workshop also released the crown jewel of the Call of Cthulhu dice series: a premium metal setThese Cthulhu dice are a work of art: each metal die is adorned with sculpted tentacles and fanged mouths of madness on the corners. Really, there hasn't been anything produced quite like it in this or any other universe.

As soon as we introduced the metal dice on Dark Elf Dice, we sold out within a day. At the time of this blog post we're still sold out, but we have a new shipment inbound :)

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, the Q-Workshop/Chaosium partnership is one of the best collaborations in gaming, and has been for years. I was thrilled that both companies launched a Kickstarter to bring new Call of Cthulhu dice to CoC. It really is a good time to be a gamer and collector!

Until next time fellow travelers! May all your dice throws be critical hits, and all your enemies' dice throws be critical misses!


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