Kitsune And Tengu Miniatures Rock The House

Kitsune And Tengu Miniatures Rock The House

At Dark Elf Dice we're always looking to add new miniatures to our site, because you can never have too many minis! This week we added two new collections: Kitsune and Tengu miniatures.

Kitsune And Tengu Miniatures

A growing number of D&D gamers like to think outside the boundaries of traditional fantasy. Certainly there's nothing wrong with the abundance of elves, dwarves, and halflings that populate our imaginary worlds, but sometimes it's fun to challenge perceptions and roleplay a rare and exotic race. Both the Kitsune and Tengu races help satisfy that desire (the Kitsune being a race of anthropomorphic "fox people" and the Tengu "crow people").

Kitsune Miniature

That said, it's been hard to find good Kitsune and Tengu miniatures for the game table. D&D is at heart a pen and paper game where imagination reigns supreme, but miniatures have always been a way to add a level of fun to a game. Often times players wanting to roleplay a Kitsune or Tengu have had to use substitution miniatures (humans, elves, etc.) to establish their characters.

Tengu Miniature

Thankfully, both Reaper and Dark Sword Miniatures carry a limited selection of Kitsune and Tengu Miniatures that we're now proud to carry on our site. The miniatures are exceptional, and are the same high quality gamers and collectors have come to expect. Many of the familiar classes are represented in these models: magic-users, fighters, rogues, etc. and gamers should no longer have to settle for substitution minis.

Final Thoughts

Though we're happy to add the new Kitsune and Tengu miniatures, there's always room for more! Both races are still underrepresented and hopefully Reaper and Dark Sword will continue adding new figures. When they do, we'll be sure to offer them on our site.

Until next time fellow travelers! Life is a precious gift so be sure to appreciate each and every day and make every moment count. Happy adventuring!


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