A Geeky d20 Wedding

A Geeky d20 Wedding

The wedding season is upon us! The weather is warm, the roses are in bloom, and there's so much romance in the air that it makes the poets weep with joy. Is it any wonder that this is the most popular time of the year to get married?

Geeky d20 Wedding

Still, even though weddings are popular now, gamers like to do things a little differently than most (hey, no one ever accuses us of being ordinary!).

One of the trends we've seen through the years is the rise of the geeky d20 wedding. Instead of the traditional clanging of glasses at the wedding reception (you know, where guests CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! their glasses with knives and forks to get the newlyweds to kiss), couples are substituting a giant inflatable d20 for the ritual.

geeky d20 wedding

A Happy Surprise

When we first started selling the inflatable d20's here at Dark Elf Dice, we just assumed that people wanted to use the giant dice at outdoor events or pool parties. They're more or less awesome, geeky beach balls and they seemed a natural fit for batting around on the sand or rolling across the lawn at a neighbor's BBQ. 

It wasn't long however that customers started writing and telling us how they were going to use the inflatable d20s at their wedding reception. How cool was that! We're passionate about the dice and miniatures we sell, and it made all of us happy to think that a product we offer was being used in one of the most important celebrations in a couple's life.

A New Tradition

Basically, this is how the geeky wedding works: instead of guests clanging glasses, they take turns rolling the inflatable d20. On a successful roll between 11 and 20 (a hit!), the newlyweds kiss, and on a failed roll between 1 and 10 (a miss!) the guests in attendance have to kiss their partners. We've heard of variations of this new tradition, but this is the gist of the geeky d20 wedding.

inflatable d20 wedding

Final Thoughts

One of the great things about gaming is how the hobby brings people together. Gaming events are times of happiness and laughter, and it only seems natural that the inflatable d20 would take a life of its own and be used in geeky weddings.

Have you used an inflatable d20 at your wedding reception, or do you know someone who has? We'd love to hear your story! Please feel free to share your experience in the comments section below.

Until next time fellow travelers! If you're one of the lucky ones getting married this month I congratulate you. You're embarking on one of the greatest adventures this life has to offer, and you'll be sharing this special time with your best friend in all the multiverse. Happy adventuring!


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