Shadowstone Abyss Dice Are Here

Shadowstone Abyss Dice Are Here

Yesterday, we added a new set to the Shadowstone dice collection -- Shadowstone Abyss. This new dice set has the hallmark, otherworldly color combinations as the other dice in the series, but with an added twist.

Shadowstone Abyss Dice

Shadowstone Abyss dice feature a mixture of green and purple with a soft infusion of iridescent glitter. The end result is a gorgeous, shimmering color. If you're looking to match dice with a character class, these are amazing dice for a wizard, sorcerer, or any magic-based character in Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other fantasy tabletop RPGs.

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Iridescent Glitter

It's no wonder that iridescent glitter is popular with gamers and collectors alike. First used in Chessex Borealis dice and the since retired Crystal Caste Moonstone dice (we miss you!), iridescent glitter gives dice like the Shadowstone Abyss an ethereal sheen that shifts and intensifies in the light. Glitter isn't appropriate for all dice mind you, but when used properly with the correct color base the dice have a seemingly added energy that adds to the fun of any game night.

Until next time fellow travelers! Dark Elf Dice is full of surprises and we'll be adding many more dice sets in the coming months, so stay tuned.


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