The latest product to hit the shelves at Dark Elf Dice is truly exceptional. We went wild with glitter and added a troll's oversized handful of pizzazz to our 54mm giant d20 dice. Read on to find out more about these awesome twenty-sided dice.

Magic Glitter D20 Dice

Our newest d20 dice are big, beautiful, and out of this world! Currently available in five amazing colors, the dice have to be seen to be believed. We start with a large, 54mm mold and pour semi-translucent resin into a swirled pattern. To really make things interesting, heaping amounts of powdered glitter are added to the mix. The iridescence is stunning, and reflects the light in a halo of shimmering color.

The New D20 Lineup

Our Magic Glitter d20 dice come in five flavors in your choice of font color (black, gold, silver, and uninked so you can paint the numbers any color you choose!).

Ionic Blue

Featured color mix includes blue, teal, and yellow. If blue is your thing, then this d20 is for you!

Ionic Blue Giant d20


Featured color is a semi-translucent, opalescent purple. Just like a chunk of ice taken from a magical, crystal cavern.

Permafrost Giant d20 dice

Spell Matrix

Featured colors include red, blue, yellow. Great complimentary colors in a bewitching blend.

Spell Matrix Giant d20 dice


Featured colors include blue and purple. Two of our most popular dice colors in a fusion of light emboldened hues.

Summoner Giant d20 dice

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Witches Hex

Featured colors include purple and green. A magic color swirl worthy of a coven's cauldron.

Witches Hex Giant d20

Final Thoughts

We're really pleased with how these giant d20s turned out. The addition of powdered glitter to the resin resulted in a fascinating effect. What do you think? Is there a favorite color among the five that you like best? Please share your opinions in the Comment section below.

PS: If you're interested in purchasing one of these awesome dice, we created a special coupon code for our blog readers. Simply use the code: MAGIC D20 at checkout to save an additional 10%. The code is entered on the last page of checkout and will automatically reduce the price when the "Apply" button is clicked.

Until next time fellow travelers! Wishing you all the best :) Remember, you're important and loved by all those who know you. Never underestimate yourself and your inner strength. The world needs heroes like you!


April 20, 2022 — Shane Scarbrough

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