Release The Kraken! New D&D Miniatures Boxed Set

Release The Kraken! New D&D Miniatures Boxed Set

For whatever reason, I'm particularly drawn to D&D adventures featuring an oceangoing, seafaring theme. I really don't know why this is. In truth, I don't have any nautical experience to speak of and I've only seen the ocean once in my life. Perhaps it's the mystery of the water that draws me -- not knowing what lies beneath the waves and the untold possibilities of adventure that await.

Kraken D&D Miniature

One of my earliest D&D homebrew campaigns involved my players sailing the ocean, fighting pirates (Arrgh!) and a sea monster from the deep. I drew out the ship on a vinyl game mat and we had a blast. In those days, there weren't a lot of options (if any) when it came to oversized miniatures and I resorted to using a hard plastic dinosaur as a stand-in for a sea monster. It wasn't too difficult to suspend our disbelief, and we had an amazing time role-playing the adventure. Still, it would have been cool to have a sea monster mini.

Kraken D&D Miniature Boxed SetNeedless to say, I was pumped when WizKids added a monstrous Kraken to their excellent D&D miniature collection (to see the Kraken on our website click here). The Kraken is actually part of a boxed set that includes:

  • A huge Kraken body surfacing from the water
  • Six waving tentacles
  • A row boat with oars and a treasure chest

The pieces are secured nicely in the box, and like other WizKids minis the Kraken and all accessory pieces don't require assembly. In addition, the pieces come primed and ready-to-paint so gamers can get started painting right away with zero prep time.

Final Thoughts

Kraken D&D Miniature 2I've been collecting and painting miniatures since the 1980's, and I'm truly impressed with the attention to detail and the Kraken's overall size. The model is huge in relation to a standard 28mm miniature, and the separate tentacles can be positioned however you want to give the illusion of an even bigger menace. I can't wait to release this beast on my current players and see how the battle unfolds (cue maniacal laughter).

Until next time fellow travelers! If you like WizKid miniatures we have a lot to choose from on the site, as well as Reaper, Dark Sword, and Tomb Guardians. We try to stock minis that will inspire your imagination. Keep on role-playing and having fun!


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