At Dark Elf Dice, we strive to offer a huge selection of gaming dice for every budget. In fact, our extensive collection of tabletop roleplaying dice in different price ranges is one of the many things that, in my opinion, makes Dark Elf Dice awesome. Since I founded the company way back in 2005, I've always made it a point to have dice for beginning players to serious collectors, and to all gamers and collectors in between.

Gemstone Dice

One of the more expensive dice collections in the store are our Gemstone dice. "Gemstone" is a unique category, and includes dice made from semi-precious stone, synthetic stone, and glass. As you can imagine, crafting dice from solid amethyst or synthetic opal takes more time than manufacturing dice made from acrylic plastic or resin. When you add the cost of materials to the extended time it takes to make the dice, you end up with an expensive set of dice.

Just how expensive?

Well, despite the increased cost we really try to keep the Gemstone dice as affordable as possible. Currently, the majority of sets are available for $44.00 USD. From there, the price increases from $55.00 and up. The most expensive Gemstone dice set is at $100.00 (Dichroic Rainbow Glass, I'm looking at you!).

Gemstone Dice Rainbow Dichroic

Absolutely Gorgeous

Even at $44.00, I realize that a set of Gemstone dice falls outside the budget of many gamers and casual players. That being said, if you can afford a set of these dice you're in for a real treat. We currently carry 48 Gemstone dice sets, and each and every one is gorgeous.

Gemstone Dice Bloodstone

I'm a bit of a rock hound, and I'm personally drawn to the natural stone sets (Bloodstone, Natural Fluorite, and Snowflake Obsidian are personal faves). Although I'm a rock fan, I'm absolutely captivated by the synthetic Cat's Eye sets (blue is my favorite). Everyone has their own preferences, but one of the things that makes the Gemstone collection fun is the number of dice, materials, and colors available. For premium dice, there is a lot to choose from and, we truly have dice available for all tastes.

Gemstone Dice Natural Fluorite

Are The Dice Durable?

One Gemstone dice question I get asked from time-to-time is in regards to durability. Are the dice fragile? Will they break?

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A few things to consider. Gemstone dice are made from a variety of materials (as mentioned previously). The dice are extremely well-made and are intended to be used for normal game play. That said, the dice are different from plastic or metal dice, and need a little extra love on game night.

Gemstone Dice Snowflake Obsidian

Gemstone dice are precious and should be cared for accordingly. For instance, you would never want to store a set of glass dice in a bag where they rattle around or bang into each other when you roll them. Gemstone dice will last a lifetime if properly cared for. It's recommended that:

  • Between game sessions, you store the dice in the protective case that's included with each set.
  • You only roll the dice on a soft surface (a dice tray, game mat, etc.).
Gemstone Dice Cat's Eye

Final Thoughts

Make sure to take a look at our Gemstone dice and let me know your favorites. Even though our collection is extensive, we hope to add more Gemstone dice to the store in the upcoming months. You can never have enough dice :)

That's it for now, fellow travelers! Keep rolling nat 20s and always live life to the fullest, never forgetting friends, family, and neighbors. Life is good, and you are special -- you have the unique power to make this world such an amazing place. Happy adventuring!

July 11, 2021 — Shane Scarbrough

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