Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons Getting Ready To Take Flight

Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons Getting Ready To Take Flight

It's been a busy year for the game designers at Wizard's of the Coast. It was just last month that I wrote about the upcoming release of two new Dungeons and Dragons books (in case you missed the article, you can read it here). Now we're being told about the release of yet another book before the end of the year: Fizban's Treasury of Dragons.

Fizban's Treasury Of Dragons

Well, you can't spell "Dungeons and Dragons" without "Dragons," and the Wizards team is focusing on all things dragonkind in this newest D&D 5e hardcover book. Set to release on October 19, 2021 Fizban's Treasury of Dragons is designed to be the ultimate guide to the most iconic creatures in tabletop roleplaying.

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons

Fizban (war hero, archmage, and dragon scholar extraordinaire) will be our invaluable guide and help us understand the myths and mysteries of dragons like never before. Within the pages of this treasury, players and Dungeon Masters alike will find:

  • A complete dragon bestiary with a variety of new dragons -- including the introduction of Gem Dragons and new dragon lair maps.
  • New player character options, including dragon-themed subclasses, new feats, spells, and draconic ancestries.
  • Legends and lore pertaining to the First World and Bahamut and Tiamat.

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Final Thoughts

I suppose if I could only add one new Dungeons and Dragons book to my collection this year, Fizban's Treasury of Dragons would be it. I don't mean this as a slight to the other two book releases coming soon (my apologies to The Wild Beyond The Witchlight and Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!), but there's always been a special place in my heart for dragons.

So what do you think? Will you be planning on adding Fizban's Treasury of Dragons to your collection? Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

That's it for now, fellow travelers. I hope everyone has an amazing week and has an opportunity to get together with friends and family to play games and have fun. Until next time!



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