Wondrous Aluminum D20 (Enchanted Forest) | Giant 55mm Precision Game Die


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Wondrous Aluminum D20 (Enchanted Forest)

Get ready to roll! The Wondrous Aluminum d20 (Enchanted Forest) looks and feels amazing. It's massive! Rolls like thunder and is the perfect die for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and all your favorite tabletop role-playing games. 

Each massive d20 has been precision machined from a single piece of solid aluminum and engraved with large, easy-to-read numbers in an attractive Norse font. The d20 rolls true and comes with a satin lined dice bag for protective storage and transport to your gaming sessions.


Norse Foundry precision aluminum dice are crafted with innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Made from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, the dice are precisely cut with computer-guided machines to ensure evenly balanced dice that always provide 100% random results.


  • Massive, 55mm size
  • Big dice for big rolls!
  • Machined from solid, 6063 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Anodization: blue, pink, green
  • Large, etched numbers
  • Number fill: pure aluminum
  • Comes with lined dice bag

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