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1 Pound Of Assorted Pearl Dice

Looking for an awesome assortment of dice for Dungeons and Dragons and all your favorite tabletop roleplaying games? Look no further! This bulk, one pound TTRPG dice assortment comes in a variety of shapes and colors, all in a gorgeous pearl finish. Each assortment is completely random and no two sets are exactly the same. 


Each set will include different amounts of d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, and d00 dice all in different pearl colors.


  • Mixed one pound pearl dice assortment
  • Contains approximately 115 individual dice
  • Dice are completely random -- no two sets are the same

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Cliff Ridenour
Nice dice with a friendly note

I ordered 2 pounds of bulk dice for students in a D&D based elective course. The dice were of great quality, and we were able to make 20 complete sets with what we got, and have extras for lost dice. It was so much fun to have the students make their own sets! The order came with a really nice hand written note wishing us luck playing together. The students also appreciated the note, and felt more connected to the gaming community as a result! I'm glad I got my dice here instead of Amazon.

Phillip Fletcher
service Greatservice Great

delivery prompt ,selection Good

Wesley Heller
Great dice

Got 5 full sets out of the amount I got.and nearly got complete sets out of the rest of the designs as well.

Kelli Brewer
Very happy with these dice!

I received A LOT of dice with a very nice handwritten note. The dice had no imperfections and the numbers were colored in nicely. Lots and lots of colors. We're running a new campaign this fall and I wanted some dice for the new players. Very pleased with the selection I received.

Greybius The Unholy
All Good

Good random mix. As advertised.

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