Unicorn Rainbow Sparkle Dice | RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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Unicorn Rainbow Sparkle Dice

Put some magic in your game with Unicorn Rainbow Sparkle Dice! Not only has the highest number on each die been replaced with the image of a unicorn, but the dice come in a set of semi-translucent colors with a subtle hint of sparkle (how cool is that!).

You know unicorns are the most lethal animals on the planet, right? So come at me 'bro! These dice are perfect for all your favorite role playing games including D&D, Pathfinder, and more. 


  • 7  Unicorn Rainbow Dice
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Numbers (and unicorns) inked in white
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old


These dice are a colorful, semi-translucent with gorgeous glitter. Seven different colors in each set:

  • d4 (candy red)
  • d6 (orangey orange)
  • d8 (lemon yellow)
  • d10 (sour apple green)
  • d00 (terrific teal)
  • d12 (beautiful blue)
  • d20 (pretty purple)

The highest numbers on the dice have been replaced with the unicorn image, however just one of the 4s on the d4 has been replaced.

Customer Reviews

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How can you top unicorns and rainbows? These are officially the most beautiful dice in my collection :) They're perfect for my gnome illusionist and would be even better if my DM gave her the unicorn animal companion that she wants!

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