Speckled Dice (Water) | 10pc RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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By Koplow

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The power of the elements are yours to command with Elemental Water dice. Each dice set includes 10 speckled game dice in all the polyhedral shapes you need to roleplay your greatest adventures: d4, 4xd6, d8, d10, d percentile, d12, and d20. The extra d6 dice come in handy for rolling up new characters.


  • 10 RPG dice
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Speckled blue color
  • Numbers inked in white
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

Customer Reviews

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Cam Rose
This is my goldilocks set

I got a set of these, decades ago, as my first set of polyhedral dice. Having recently lost a second of the 4d6 (among others), I determined it was finally time to procure a replacement set (I lost one of the d6 some time ago, but GURPS uses 3d6 for the bulk of the rolls, so loosing a second was debilitating.

I love these dice, aesthetically. The shades of blue and the pattern are varied enough to give the dice some texture, without looking too busy (I much prefer the contrast, compared to, say, the milky pattern of "pearlized" dice). The numerals are slim but readable.
I like the size of them, too: large enough that they feel satisfying to roll, got some heft, but small enough that they do not feel chunky.
Aside from the dice themselves, I have to thank Dark Elf Dice for maintaining a site that's actually navigable. I spent about 3 days trawling through Amazon, wondering why the search function didn't seem to understand the difference between "10 piece dice set" and "set of ten 10 sided dice." This experience was repeated on numerous other sites, but not at Dark Elf. How much money did I spend at those other sites? None... Will I be spending more money at Dark Elf games in the future, for the selection and ease of use? You better believe it.

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