Reaper Holiday Colors Paint Set | Hard Shell case + 10 Paint Colors

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Special Holiday Colors Paint Set | Reaper Miniatures Paints

Are you in a festive spirit and ready to paint some miniatures? Then check out this awesome Reaper Miniatures paint set complete with its own hard-shell carrying case with protective foam insert.

This set includes 10 bottles of Reaper Core Color paints in special holiday hues. Seven of these colors are only available in this set, while the other three colors have only been available as promotional paints.The 10 colors include:

  • 09658 Christmas Wreath
  • 09659 Ginger Cookie
  • 09671 Golden Glow
  • 09687 Holly Berry
  • 09688 Peppermint White
  • 09689 Sparkling Snow
  • 09690 Hearth Fire
  • 09691 Turkey Brown
  • 09692 Frosty Blue
  • 09693 Coal Black

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