Mushroom Dice (Translucent With Teal Numbers) | RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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Mushroom Dice (Translucent With Teal Numbers)

Want to be a fungi in your next campaign? With Mushroom Dice you're ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Perfect dice for Druids, Rangers, and any character class that loves awesome dice. Cast in crystal clear resin with easy-to-read teal numbers, each die contains a miniature mushroom with a purple cap. Making saving throws and ability checks has never been so much fun.

Mushroom dice come in the classic RPG configuration you need to tell your unique story: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, and d20. Great dice for Dungeons and Dragons and all your favorite tabletop games.


  • 7 Mushroom RPG dice
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Translucent with teal numbers
  • Each die contains a miniature mushroom and flower
  • Mushroom cap is dark purple with white spots
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jarod Howard
Mushroom Dice Set

Great quality. They are a bit larger than standard die, which I really like. The resin is clear and easy to see the mushrooms inside, but also easy to read the numbers.

Zena Myers
The Best Dice Company!

I ordered these as a birthday gift, and emailed to see if they could rush the order. They did, getting it shipped out the same day I ordered, and they added in a nice surprise as well as a happy birthday message in the order! This made my partner's birthday much more special. The dice were perfect, and the sweet things they did since they knew it was a birthday order made it the perfect, memorable gift. Definitely going to be ordering again from this fantastic company!!

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