Miniatures Storage Box by Chessex (Case Holds 14 RPG Figures)

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By Chessex

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This hard-shell case contains foam with 14 die-cut spaces that will completely encase each painted figure for maximum protection. The compartments measure 1.5 inches X 1 inch (the openings are 5/8 inches thick). You've spent hours painting and preparing your miniatures for adventure. Chessex hard-shell cases offer an ideal method for storage and transportation.


  • 14 compartments for 25mm figures
  • Soft foam to protect painted miniatures
  • Durable polypropylene case
  • Secure latches and long-life hinges
  • Chessex miniatures storage boxes are available for 14, 40, 56, and 80 figure assortments. We stock all sizes at Dark Elf Dice.

Customer Reviews

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Good little case

This Chessex box is a good case to transport a few miniatures to a game. Although I'm not rough with the case, the plastic is solid and looks like it could take a beating. It closes securely and fits nicely in my backpack. It's actually the perfect size for my needs.

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