Mini Dice (Pink/Black) RPG Role Playing Game Dice


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Good things come in small packages! Mini Dice (Pink/Black) are small, but they make a big impression on game night.  Each 10mm set includes all the RPG dice you need to launch an amazing role playing adventure: d4, d6, d8, d10, d-percentile, d12, and d20. All mini dice we sell are halfling and gnome approved.


  • 7 miniature RPG dice
  • 10mm size
  • Pink/black color
  • Numbers inked in white
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
really perfect!

the lettering on this set is pristine! not a speck of paint out of place.

I was worried that (being so small) these dice would be over-tumbled, but they're actually very nicely shaped. the colours are bright, bold, and really really nice.

I love how tiny they are!

My First Pink Set

This was my first ever pink colored set, despite being a woman in gaming for 16+ years now. The soft pink, pearl colour blends so well with the black. You really get a nice distribution of both and the ink is well applied

I love these little dice the MDG puts out. They roll well in tight places and despite their size, seem to have balanced rolls that range across the spectrum. There have never been any visible defects on my MDG dice and I would buy these again in a heartbeat. You can beat the price for the color variation, quality, and fun size! Definitely get them if they come back into stock!

Andrea Sutinen
So clean looking!

these are perfectly inked and have lovely colours!

shiny and no visible imperfections!


I'm really happy with my purchase. I bought these and another set of mini dice (the orange and green ones). Good quality and price. I'd like to buy the blue ones when they come back in stock.

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