Milliput Epoxy Putty (Silver Grey) | Modeling Compound

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Milliput Epoxy Putty (Silver Grey)

Milliput was first established in 1968 and is a wonderful epoxy putty to use for miniatures assembly. This modeling compound is the preferred method of attaching metal tabbed miniatures to plastic slotted bases.

Milliput is a two part epoxy putty. Once equal quantities of each stick are mixed and kneading together, the putty becomes soft and is highly adhesive. Milliput can be worked like clay until it gradually hardens (turns rock hard in 3-4 hours). The putty can be used to permanently attach minis to bases and can be used as a sculpting compound.


  • Used for sculpting and attaching miniatures to bases
  • Used as a sculpting compound for modding and converting miniatures
  • Molds like putty -- sets like rock
  • Comes in 4 oz package
  • There is enough Milliput in each package for dozens of miniatures

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