Giant d20 (Ruby Red) | Huge 55mm Game Die

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By Koplow

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Giant d20 (Ruby Red)

Join the big leagues with a Giant d20 (Ruby Red). This extra large d20 is a whopping 55mm -- waaay larger than the 16mm we're all familiar with in a standard sized set of dice.

Use it for a die of doom in your next role playing game campaign. Scare your players. Scare your neighbors. Scare your neighbor's cat. This Giant d20 is big, heavy, and rolls true.


  • Giant d20 (Ruby Red)
  • 55mm size
  • Numbers inked in gold
  • Rolls true


The Giant d20 is in a countdown/spindown number pattern. Perfect for collectible card games as well.

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Dror Yogev
Big dice

Good quality , love it!

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