Gemstone Dice (Peacock Cat's Eye) | 7pc TTRPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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Gemstone Dice (Peacock Cat's Eye)

If you're looking for premium dice look no further! This 7-piece dice set is crafted from synthetic Peacock cat's eye. The dice are heavy in the hand and look stunning. Use the dice in your next RPG campaign or as an awesome conversation piece.

Peacock cat's eye is a rich, emerald green color. Polished smooth and inked with easy-to-read gold numbers, these dice are simply beautiful.


  • 7 TTRPG game dice
  • Dice crafted from synthetic Peacock cat's eye
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Numbers inked in gold
  • Includes gift storage box
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old


These dice are extremely well-made and are absolutely breathtaking. The dice are durable and will hold up to normal game play. Go ahead and make all your saving throws and rolls-to-hit! That said, precious things should be cared for and it is recommended that you roll the dice on a soft surface (dice tray, game mat, etc.) and keep stored in the included storage box when not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Eliza Albin
Very pretty!

I bought these as a gift and they loved them! The are very pretty!

Beautiful, heavy, clean, except…

…The d4 arrived chipped. No big deal, it’s just a caltrop, and I’m not gonna stop ordering from Dark Elf, but still…be careful with these dice. They are clearly more prone to breakage, as the d4 was broken on arrival. Everything else about these dice are fantastic. They roll well (on a mat, if you please!), seem appropriately random (can’t do saltwater tests on rocks), and catch my player’s eyes.

Well done! Just maybe, a little extra padding in shipment😁

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