Gemstone Dice (Agate, Purple) | 7pc RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

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Gemstone Dice (Agate, Purple)

If you're looking for premium dice look no further! This 7-piece dice set is crafted from purple Agate. The dice are heavy in the hand and look stunning. Use the dice in your next RPG campaign or as an awesome conversation piece.

These dice are rich in color and are inked with easy-to-read gold numbers in a classic serif font.


  • 7 TTRPG game dice
  • Dice crafted from purple agate
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Numbers inked in gold
  • Includes gift storage box
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old


These dice are extremely well-made and are absolutely breathtaking. The dice are durable and will hold up to normal game play. Go ahead and make all your saving throws and rolls-to-hit! That said, precious things should be cared for and it is recommended that you roll the dice on a soft surface (dice tray, game mat, etc.) and keep stored in the included storage box when not in use.

Customer Reviews

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Amber Standiford
Beautiful Dice

The purple agate dice are beautiful and seem pretty balanced. I roll mine in a padded box to keep them safe. There was a small mix-up wherein I received 2 standard d10s instead of getting a percentile die but Dark Elf was quick to address the issue and the replacement die was even prettier than the one I sent back.

William Roe

These dice are gorgeous, impossibly smooth, cool and pleasing to the touch (you'll understand if you buy them) and have an extremely satisfying weight to them. Not light, not too heavy. And they roll really well! The uniqueness of the set is very appealing as well; no 2 sets are the same. I liked them so much I bought a 2nd set, and they are very different, but both great! No regrets!

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