Gamers Grass (Spikey Beige Tufts 12mm) | For RPG Miniatures Bases


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Gamers Grass (Spikey Beige Tufts 12mm)

Give your bases a realistic look! Spikey tufts in a beige color.

  • One plastic sheet of 14.5cm x 6.5cm full of Gamer's Grass tufts.
  • Tufts are 12mm tall.
  • Just pop-out the tufts from the sheet of plastic and glue them to your models.
  • Wild sheet tufts include a wide variety of shapes. Around 70 tufts per sheet.

About Spikey Beige Tufts

Long-sized tufts with dense and ramified branches in a light beige color. Best used to recreate dense patches of thorny shrubs with a "Mediterranean" dry character, like many broom and gorse scrubs. Combined with other sizes and colorswill simulate many types of shrublands, giving your models a realistic height diversity and convincing plant stratification.

How To Apply Spikey Beige Tufts

  1. Peel a tuft from paper backing
  2. Apply glue to bottom of tuft
  3. Position and glue to your base.
  4. Helpful hint: use a pair of tweezers to expertly position the tuft.

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