FACTORY SECONDS: Treasure Chest With Dice Set | Pick Your Color TTRPG Dice

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FACTORY SECONDS: Treasure Chest With Dice Set - Pick Your Color Dice

  Get a great deal on this imperfect treasure chest. This treasure chest is fully functional, but may have surface scratches, chipping, paint marks, and/or small imperfections on the surface. Sold as is.

Crystal Caste is at it again with a new take on their out-of-print gargoyle treasure chest. This new Treasure Chest is made from heavy-weight resin and comes fully painted. Wonderful sculpted detail, but best of all the chest comes with an exclusive 9-piece TTRPG dice set. Four dice color choices are available -- blue, green, purple, or red.

Treasure Chest Features

  • Fantastic sculpted detail
  • Cast in heavy-weight resin
  • Fully painted
  • Opening hinged lid
  • Measures approximately 3.75"L x 2.75"W x 3"H
  • Includes a 9-piece dice set -- pick your own color!
  • Two mysterious guardians protect the contents of your treasure chest :)

Dice Notes

  • Pick your color -- four different sets to choose from
  • Dice are an exclusive Crystal Caste release
  • Pearlescent colors mixed with silver
  • For all the collectors out there, these dice are reminiscent of the old Crystal Caste Dragon Bones dice

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