Dungeons And Doggies: Volume 3 | RPG Miniatures Set

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Dungeons And Doggies: Volume 3

The Cats and Catacombs models come unpainted. No assembly required. Any photos of painted miniatures are for demonstration and inspirational purposes only. 

Dungeons and Doggies is a series of bark-tastic miniatures that bring canine adventurers to any tabletop gaming campaign. 


  • Highly detailed miniatures made of plastic resin
  • No assembly required
  • Not a toy. Contains small components and should be considered a choking hazard.


    Boxed set of 6 RPG miniatures. Includes:

    • Brianna the brave Boxer paladin
    • Rupert the Jack Russell fighter
    • Elvis the loyal Cavalier Bard
    • Kai the chipper Shiba Inu Ranger
    • Dodger the swift Greyhound monk
    • Angel, the lovable Pitbull Cleric.

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