Dice Tower: Medieval Castle | RPG Dice Rolling Accessory

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Dice Tower: Medieval Castle

Roll your dice in style with a Q-Workshop Medieval Castle Dice Tower, and create a special atmosphere for your role playing game sessions. Simply drop your dice in the top of the tower and listen as they tumble down to the bottom tray. Your RPG dice will roll true and fair, and you'll never have to worry about dice falling off the table again.

The Medival Castle Dice Tower won't take up much space on your gaming table, measuring a compact 6.5 inches X 4 inches X 6.5 inches. The tower is made from durable, colorized wood composite, and is perfect accessory for Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, or your favorite role playing game. Assembly required.


  • Dice Tower: Medieval Castle
  • Measures approximately 6.5 inches X 4 inches X 6.5 inches
  • Durable wood composite construction
  • Comes pre-colored as shown
  • Rolls RPG dice fairly
  • Never lose dice off the game table
  • Beautiful castle architecture adds to your game's atmosphere
  • Assembly required



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