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D20 Earrings (Iridescent Purple And Pink)

What's better than game night? Game night with awesome bling! Wear a set of D20 earrings and be the hit of the party. We can't guarantee that you'll make every saving throw and roll-to-hit if you wear these, but you'll look fabulous either way :)


  • D20 earrings
  • Iridescent purple and pink color for that special Wow! effect
  • Iridescent glitter has a blueish sheen in the light
  • Dice are made of durable resin
  • Metal parts are titanium steel


Iridescent resin dice are a blended mix of color and powdered glitter. No two d20s are exactly the same and some variation of color may naturally exist between individual dice.

Customer Reviews

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Super cute and nerdy earrings!

They sparkle, they're cute, they're d20s. What more could one ask for?
They're a bit heavy (because I'm not used to wearing hanging earrings) but they look absolutely delightful!

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