D12 Hit Location Die (White And Black) | 30mm RPG Role Playing Game Dice

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D12 Hit Location Die (White And Black)

This oversized, d12 Hit Location die is a fast and fun way to add some excitement to your next battle. After each successful roll-to-hit, the DM (or player) can roll the d12 to see exactly where the blow landed. This may result in extra damage (head shot!) or cause an opponent to fumble a weapon (hard to hold a sword when the orc just took 16 points of Magic Missile damage to the right hand).

List of hit locations:

1.Head, 2. Neck, 3.Torso, 4. Right Arm, 5. Left Arm, 6. Right Hand, 7. Left Hand, 8. Underbelly, 9. Right Leg, 10. Left Leg, 11. Right Foot, 12. Left Foot.


  • Hit Location die
  • Oversized, 30mm d12
  • Opaque white and black
  • Other colors available for sale separately
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

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