Character Class Dice (The Ranger) | TTRPG Dice With Collectible Tin

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Character Class Dice (The Ranger)

Protect the Wild. You are the Ranger and these are your dice! Roleplay epic adventures with character dice designed especially for your character class. The Ranger set consists of 14 dice in two complimentary color designs. Includes collectible tin with amazing, fantasy artwork.

The Ranger Dice Features

  • 14 TTRPG dice
  • Dice are in two different color styles
  • Designed especially for Rangers
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Includes collectible storage tin
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

About Character Class Dice

A new concept for tabletop gaming!

  • Beautifully designed tins of class-curated dice.
  • Original tarot-style art representing each of the major 5e and Pathfinder classes (and the GM) in a collector’s edition tin.
  • Each set of dice is carefully chosen to suit each class: extra D6’s for the Rogue’s Sneak Attack, extra D4’s for the Wizard’s Magic Missiles, and extra D12’s for the Barbarian’s massive Battle Axe!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lovely dice and amazing customer service

These were a gift for one of my players! Customer service was exceptional in helping me add a note for her and the dice were absolutely gorgeous.

Andrew Barclay
Utterly Blown Away

Exceptional craftsmanship on the tin, wonderful dice selection and the perfect size for travelling, this product is exceptional all around.

Kristen Durbin
Green and teal joy in my hands

I love this concept. I like to have thematic dice for my characters, and these are perfect for my ranger. First, the colors are great: the core 7-die rpg set are a mottled mid-range to darker forest green, while the additional Ranger-focused dice are a mid-range to darker ocean teal. They complement each other amazingly. Second, the Ranger-focused dice (teal color) make absolute sense: a 2nd d20 just because, and also for rolling advantage/disadvantage; a d10 for rolling the Ranger hit die; d8 (2) for your longbow damage, plus the fantastic damage spells Lightning Arrow and Conjure Barrage, d6 (2) for the iconic Hunter's Mark spell, along with damage rolls for a selection of simple melee weapons for when you can't keep distance from enemies; a d4 if your preferred melee weapon is a dagger ... or if you want 2 caltrops. (Ok, not so sure about the d4. Maybe someone from Dark Elf Dice can chime in and explain the extra d4 for a Ranger?) Third, the tin also doubles as a dice tray, so if space is an issue simply grab the tin and you're good to go. Finally, the artwork is amazing; I love how the figure itself is embossed. Absolutely worth the price.

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