Character Class Dice (The Game Master) | TTRPG Dice With Collectible Tin

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Character Class Dice (The Game Master)

Host a game. You are the Game Master and these are your dice! Roleplay epic adventures with character dice designed especially for your character class. The Game Master set consists of 16 dice in two complimentary color designs. Includes collectible tin with amazing, fantasy artwork.

The Game Master Dice Features

  • 16 TTRPG dice
  • Dice are in two different color styles
  • Designed especially for Game Masters
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Includes collectible storage tin
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

About Character Class Dice

A new concept for tabletop gaming!

  • Beautifully designed tins of class-curated dice.
  • Original tarot-style art representing each of the major 5e and Pathfinder classes (and the GM) in a collector’s edition tin.
  • Each set of dice is carefully chosen to suit each class: extra D6’s for the Rogue’s Sneak Attack, extra D4’s for the Wizard’s Magic Missiles, and extra D12’s for the Barbarian’s massive Battle Axe!

Customer Reviews

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William Vogel
Great Die and Excellent Customer Service

Every year for my players, I get them a small gift for being part of the table. This year I decided to go with the class dice offered here by Dark Elf. Not only were the die and tins each unique, but they also had a nice little story about the class on the back of each tin offering why the sets came with extra die of a specific sides.

This year was a bit unique as I had a new player join the table and I somehow messed up entering in their address for two different places mind you. USPS did what USPS does and all but lost the die but Shane at Dark Elf was extremely helpful and helped coordinate with USPS to make sure they got their product back, but in order to save time also sent out a new set to the correct address with no additional charge to me.

I will definitely be looking back over Dark Elf's product offerings next year! Maybe I can snag my players some matching dice trays, or cups, or bags!


Thank you so much, I love this! And as you should with any d20 you get, you should roll to see if it is worthy. I rolled two natural 20's, a 19 and a 5. Not bad! The tin box it comes in is super cool as well! It kind of looks like Matt Mercer? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Christopher Goldberg

Character Class Dice (The Game Master) | TTRPG Dice With Collectible Tin

Great Dice to Surprise New Players

I was starting a new campaign and had some players that never played D&D before and never had to buy dice. I wanted to make it special for them, and these themed dice sets really knocked it out of the park. I made sure to match their classes and their eyes lit up when they got them. Highly recommend!

Joseph Wolford
Great product

The dice sets are amazing and the tins are well designed. I am very happy with everything will definitely consider buying more.

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