Character Class Dice (The Barbarian) | TTRPG Dice With Collectible Tin

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Character Class Dice (The Barbarian)

Feel the rage. You are the Barbarian and these are your dice! Roleplay epic adventures with character dice designed especially for your character class. The Barbarian set consists of 14 dice in two complimentary color designs. Includes collectible tin with amazing, fantasy artwork.

The Barbarian Dice Features

  • 14 TTRPG dice
  • Dice are in two different color styles
  • Designed especially for Alchemists
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Includes collectible storage tin
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

About Character Class Dice

A new concept for tabletop gaming!

  • Beautifully designed tins of class-curated dice.
  • Original tarot-style art representing each of the major 5e and Pathfinder classes (and the GM) in a collector’s edition tin.
  • Each set of dice is carefully chosen to suit each class: extra D6’s for the Rogue’s Sneak Attack, extra D4’s for the Wizard’s Magic Missiles, and extra D12’s for the Barbarian’s massive Battle Axe!

Customer Reviews

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Michael Leavitt
Dice needed for Raging!

The Barbarian class collector tin and dice. A sturdy tin with the image of a mighty Barbarian dual wielding axes standing in defiance as a barrage of arrows descend upon him. The image evokes his battle cry against his foes and upon opening, the blood stained and blood red dice indicate their ultimate fate.

The dice are simply gorgeous. Bone white with blood stain swirls. Clean and easy to read; while the deep blood red dice within the collection offer a stunning contrast. A great collection that is worthy of any Barbarian’s quest for fame and glory.

Pros: nice set of dice … bone white with the blood stain pattern and blood red numerical pips. While its brethren are a deep blood red with black numerical pips. The dice are clean with rounded corners. A good variation of dice is found within.

Cons: The red dice are slightly harder to read with the black pips. The addition of a second d4 would of enhanced the overall collection.

Overall, a great set of dice and cool collector’s tin. Can’t wait to obtain the other dice within the series. A must have for any gamer pr DM alike.

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