Unicorn Dice Have A Special Kind Of Magic

Unicorn Dice Have A Special Kind Of Magic

Unicorns are hot right now, riding a wave of mega-popularity. From T-shirts to tattoos, it seems you can't escape these magnificent, mythical creatures even if you wanted to.

Of course gamers are no strangers to unicorns. The animals have been a staple of fantasy role playing games going back to D&D Monster ManualDungeons and Dragons 1e. In fact, one of my very first gaming miniatures was a unicorn -- its whereabouts now unknown, lost somewhere along life's journey with various Star Wars toys and other mementos of my childhood.

Unicorn Dice

Combining game history with pop culture's unicorn fascination, MDG created the Unicorn dice collection -- a fantastic series of gorgeous dice featuring swirls of color and iridescent glitter. The dice shimmer in the light and the number 20 has been replaced with a unicorn silhouette on the d20 for extra fun.

Unicorn dice were originally part of a successful MDG Kickstarter campaign, and we're now happy to feature the collection on Dark Elf Dice. There are nine sets in total, and each one looks amazing. The dice come as a complete, 7-piece polyhedral set and are great for gamers and collectors alike.

Without further adieu, check out these pics:

Unicorn Dice 1Unicorn Dice 2Unicorn Dice 3UnicornDice4UnicornDice5UnicornDice 6UnicornDice 7UnicornDice 8Unicorn Dice 9

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More Dice Incoming

Unicorn dice have a special kind of magic, but you ain't seen nothing yet! We have lots of new dice in the hopper, just waiting to be added to Dark Elf Dice. Until next time fellow travelers! Keep positive and keep rolling. And if anyone crosses paths with my lost unicorn mini, tell her to come home :)

Unicorn Meme


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