New Vortex Dice Are Here

New Vortex Dice Are Here

When I first learned that Chessex was expanding its venerable Vortex dice product line, I have to admit that I was pretty stoked. But hey, I’m not the only nerd out there who gets excited over the release of new RPG dice, am I? I thought not, so here’s the latest on some of the coolest role playing game dice that I’ve seen come to market in some time.

Vortex Dice

Vortex Dice PinkThe newest Vortex additions come in either a bright green or pink. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words so take a gander at the two pics on this post. While either set is a welcome addition to any game table, my personal fave is the bright green. I seriously have over a thousand dice in my personal collection (yeah, tell me about it: I’m a nerd AND a hoarder), but I’ve never come across a set of dice that mimics this bizarre green color. I suppose the closest dice I’ve seen are the Crystal Caste Toxic greens, but the Toxic’s are more of a neon than the Vortex’s electric hues.

Like all Vortex dice, the bright green and pink sets stay true to form and are a swirled color combination of the main color with strands of translucent and milky white. This pleasing color combo really gives the dice a feeling of depth, and when you stare you can’t help but feel you’re gazing into a Palantir (without all the bad effects -- nothing like the Eye of Mordor to ruin a perfectly good day!). The bright green dice are topped off with black inks that really make the numbers pop, while the pink are colored with complimentary gold numerals. The swirling colors make both sets a great choice when role playing wizards or illusionists.

Sweet dice worthy of a nerd alert! Check out your favorite hobby/game store for new set of Vortex dice or find them online here at Dark Elf Dice.


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