Vallejo Orcs And Goblins Paint Set, (8 Game Colors And Guide)

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By Vallejo

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Learn how to paint Orc and Goblin skins like a pro with this awesome Vallejo paint set. Includes 8 professional-grade Vallejo Game Color paints and a step-by-step photographic guide by painting master Angel Giraldez. Game Colors include:

  • Cadmium Skin
  • Livery Green
  • Goblin Green
  • Sick Green
  • Scarlett Blood
  • Royal Purple
  • Heavy Blackgreen
  • Yellow Ink

Vallejo Paints

Acrylicos Vallejo is recognized as one of the world's premier manufacturers of acrylic paint for the hobby and gaming industry. The company's Game Color line is a special selection of fine, waterbased acrylic colors created with a special resin and permanent pigments for fantasy and war game miniatures.

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