Formula P3 Paints: 93012 Armor Wash

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Formula P3 Paints: Armor Wash

Formula P3 Paints have been formulated for the ultimate hobby experience. Taking years to develop, Privateer Press created paints that are durable, wear resistant, and that offer superior coverage -- a perfect balance between smoothness and opacity that hobbyists desire.

  • High quality miniatures paint
  • Durable finish
  • Wear resistant
  • Superior coverage
  • Water Soluble
  • 1/2 oz (14.78 ml) dropper bottle
  • Designed by industry pioneer, Mike McVey

Great Features Of Formula P3 Paints

  • Workable Drying Time: With an extended drying time, you can blend and mix paints without fear of wasting your paint.
  • Wear Resistant: Formula P3 dries to a hard and satin finish resistant to chipping. You won't fear handling your painted miniatures.
  • Liquid Pigments: Formula P3 Paints use liquid pigments. The paint never separates when thinned and retains brightness after thinning and drying.
  • Superior Coverage: Formula P3 often covers in a single coat -- even over a black undercoat.

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