Elfstone Dice (Amber) RPG Role Playing Game Dice Set

By Bescon

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Elfstone Dice (Amber)

Need a set of amazing dice for your favorite tabletop roleplaying game? Then gaze in wonder at this awesome set of Elfstone dice! A magical blend of opaque black and translucent amber, these dice will help you journey to the farthest reaches of your imagination.


  • 7 RPG dice
  • Standard, 16mm size
  • Opaque black and translucent amber
  • Numbers inked in silver
  • Choking Hazard - Not for Children Under 3 Years Old

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
James M.
Absolutely gorgeous (but a little different from the pictures)

These dice really capture the syrupy golden-orange color of amber quite beautifully. The black parts have a sort of dark grey shimmer to them, sort of like graphite but more sparkly (almost like graphite dust, perhaps?).

Something worth noting is that these dice actually have a serif typeface, rather than the more traditional sans-serif typeface shown in the photos. I personally like how it looks, since it gives them a more mystical (or at least refined) feel, but I realize that not everyone wants unusual fonts on their dice.

Elfstone Dice

The pictures truely don’t do these dice justice. The black part is slightly marbled which is hard to see in the pictures. It really gives off the impression of gemstone ore veins.

These really are beautiful dice and I can’t wait to use them soon

Jonathan Berg

I'm extremely happy with my purchase. The Elfstones are beautiful dice at a great price. You guys really have a stellar selection of dice and it was hard to pick :) Believe me, I'll definitely be back and I already recommended you to my gaming group.

Lisa Spri

These are my absolute favorite dice! Bought them for an elf bard I'm playing and I love them. Also, I appreciate the fast shipping and hand written note. You really went out of your way to make my purchase special. I'll definitely be back :)

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