Happy Star Wars Day fellow travelers. May the 4th be with you! If memory serves, the original Star Wars was released on May 25, but "May the 25th be with you" just doesn't cut it. So May 4th it is :)

Star Wars Day Is Every Day

It's hard to believe, but 44 years have passed since I watched Star Wars for the very first time. In so many ways, that movie was life changing for me and my generation. Yes, it sounds cliche, but you have to remember that back in those days life was pretty simple for an 8 year old kid. There was no fandom to speak of. No internet. No video games. No epic summer blockbusters. There were books, comics, and television of course, but nothing truly inspired my imagination like Star Wars.

I still have a crystal clear memory of that warm night in May, sitting in the movie theater with my mother, heart pounding as Luke Skywalker nosed his X-Wing into the Death Star's trenches, the whine of blaster fire ringing in my ears. Mom had seen Star Wars the night before, and I remember her coming home, feverish with excitement -- she insisted that I see the movie the next night. This was a rare treat, because she practically never brought me to the movies. I walked into that theater a kid, and walked out a geek newly minted, head filled with color and the possibility of limitless adventure.

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Yoda Dice

To Infinity And Beyond

A few years later, I discovered Dungeons and Dragons, rolling up my first character as I sat cross-legged on my best friend's living room floor. The excitement I felt playing D&D for the first time was in many ways similar to the experience I had watching Star Wars. True, I don't remember my heart pounding, but I was filled with excitement and wonder as I rolled those strangely shaped dice and imagined a story where I was the hero...

And here I sit now, decades later in an office overflowing with those strangely shaped dice. Not cross-legged on a living room floor, but slouched comfortably in front of a computer screen as I type this week's blog article. I'm living a future that my 8-year old self could never have imagined, but I'm happy to say that I'm still that geeky little kid, head filled with color and wonder. Yes indeed -- this life still offers the possibility of limitless adventure.

Final Thoughts

So again I wish you a happy Star Wars Day! From one geek to another I encourage each of us to live our best possible lives -- lives filled with happiness and everlasting adventure.

Thanks Mom :)

May 04, 2021 — Shane Scarbrough
Tags: RPG News

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