Amazing D&D Cosplay For Gen Con 50

Amazing D&D Cosplay For Gen Con 50

Back in June, I wrote about the amazing D&D cosplay project one of our awesome customers created for this year's Gen Con gaming convention (if you missed the blog post you can read it here). Eric created two wizard staffs that completely blew us away, but that was just the beginning! 

D&D Cosplay

This year marks Gen Con's 50th anniversary, and for this historic event Eric went all in with his Red Wizards of Thay costumes. This is Dungeons and Dragons cosplay at its absolute finest, and Eric did an amazing job. Here are a few highlights:

  • For his mask, he added eerie LED lights and a voice modulator (controlled by his wizard's staff). He also added an ingenious internal cooling system and a two-way communication system for his handler. 
  • To pay homage to Gen Con 50, he sculpted a center piece with the convention's name and logo lit with matching LEDs.
  • He put awesome D&D spell book graphics on canvas, and his wife made them each matching swag bags.
  • To make the costumes' gemstones, he used LEDs and diffused the light with hot glue to give the gems a special glowing effect.

I'm absolutely convinced that Eric would take 1st place at the costume contest, but he already took 1st place at last year's Gen Con and alas won't again be taking the stage. No matter though, his amazing D&D cosplay will be an instant hit and give attendees both thrills and chills. The Red Wizards of Thay are descending on Indianapolis! Great job, Eric. Everyone here at Dark Elf Dice is very proud of you!

amazing D&D cosplay

D&D cosplay Red Wizards of Thay

Best D&D Cosplay

Gen Con Cosplay Bag

Wizard Cape Cosplay

Best Gen Con Cosplay

Gen Con Logo 

Gen Con Gem

D&D Gems

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Gen Con Wizard Cosplay Costume
More Wizard Cosplay
Wizard Cosplay Lights


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