"In this world, nothing can be said to certain except Death and Taxes." - Benjamin Franklin

Dark Elf Dice serves an amazing community of gamers and collectors across the globe. Since we opened in 2005, shipping dice and gaming supplies throughout the world has been both our privilege and honor. We're a small, family business located in Idaho, USA and we're passionate about what we do.

Some customers located outside of the USA may responsible for import fees, duties, and VAT tax. Due to the number of countries we ship to and the ever changing, morass of international tax laws, it's impossible for us to determine beforehand what those charges may or may not be. As such, we don't collect VAT or customs fees at checkout on behalf of international governments. These taxes are completely beyond our control. You may owe fees, and you may need to pay taxes before your package will be released from Customs and be delivered.

Thank you for understanding. It'd be amazing if someone could cast a third level "Counter Tax" spell, but until that time comes, we encourage you to contact your country's customs office or postal agency for clarification and to determine what these additional costs may be prior to making a purchase.