Bones Miniatures Guide

Bones Miniatures are made of a light-weight and durable polymer plastic. The plastic is slightly flexible and provides great detail.

Before your Bones Miniatures are ready for the game table though, some assembly and preparation is in order.

Note: Bones Miniatures are not toys. Assembly and preparation should only be done with proper adult supervision.

1) Remove Mold Lines Bones Miniatures are created via a mold injection process and small mold lines may be present on the finished figure. If you like, carefully remove any mold lines with a sharp hobby knife. Burrs can be removed from the mini with a hobby file.

2) Gently Wash The Miniature Bones Miniatures should be washed with a small amount of dish soap and water to remove any oil or dust resulting from the manufacturing process (an old toothbrush works great to gently scrub the miniature!).

3) Reshape Bent Parts Due to the nature of polymer plastic, it's not uncommon for parts of the mini (swords, spears, etc.) to be bent or misshapen, or for the figure to appear to be leaning back or forward on its ankles. NOTE this is normal and not a defect.

If you'd like, misshapen parts can be straightened by dipping the piece in boiling water for a few minutes, removing and straightening into position, and then immediately dipping into ice water for a few minutes. WARNING Use caution!  Boiling water is dangerous and the Bones Miniature may become hot. Make certain the water still isn't being heated (to minimize steam) and wear protective gear (safety glasses and oven mitts). Do not use your hands! Use tongs to hold and dip the miniature. 

4) Assemble Miniature Some Bones Miniatures come in separate pieces and require assembly. A small amount of superglue works best to glue the pieces together. WARNING Use caution! Fit the pieces together first to see how they go together before gluing, and only then use a small amount of glue. Be careful and follow the glue manufacturer's instructions and precautions.


Do I need to prime Bones Miniatures? Unlike metal miniatures, you can paint Bones minis without priming first. Due to the nature of polymer plastic however, you may notice that the first coat of paint beads up and pulls away from crevices (the first coat of paint will apply better if you make certain to follow step 2 above and wash the mini first). Also, it's best not to use thin or watered down paint for the first coat.

What if I want to prime Bones Miniatures anyway? Bones minis can definitely be primed if you want to. Some aerosol spray primers will leave the miniature feeling tacky though, so a better option may be to brush the miniature first with an undiluted layer of primer.