New Dark Sword Miniatures October 2018

New Dark Sword Miniatures October 2018

It's no secret that Dark Sword Miniatures produces some of the most brilliant tabletop miniatures this side of the Misty Mountains. This award winning company never ceases to amaze us with gorgeous new minis.

New Dark Sword Miniatures

Within the week, we'll be stocking the new Dark Sword Miniatures: three awesome models just released and ready for your greatest roleplaying game adventures. 

The miniatures are:

New Dark Sword Miniatures Paladin

New Dark Sword Miniatures Sorceress

New Dark Sword Miniatures Elf Warrior

 All three minis were sculpted by the legendary Tom Meier, and as you can see in the photos they look fantastic. 

Final Thoughts

I've never met a miniature that I didn't like, but my favorite out of the three is the female paladin. Yes, I'm biased (paladins are my favorite character class to roleplay), but the full plate armor, winged helmet, and flowing cape really do it for me -- a perfect miniature for a player character or NPC (captain of the guard, king's champion, etc.).

Until next time fellow travelers! Dark Elf Dice is constantly adding new products to the store so be sure to check back often. Whether it's new Dark Sword Miniatures, dice, or toys you'll never know what you'll find next :)


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