Lustrous Dice Have Arrived

Lustrous Dice Have Arrived

It's been a long time coming, but Dark Elf Dice finally has the new Lustrous dice series in stock and ready to ship. While not as well known as other dice by Chessex (the Gemini series for instance), Lustrous dice will hold their own against any RPG dice on the gaming table.

Lustrous Dice

Lustrous Purple DiceSo what makes Lustrous dice so special, and why are we so excited about their addition to our website? Well for starters, as far as RPG dice are concerned, Lustrous dice are drop dead gorgeous. Take a look at the pictures at the end of this blog post and see if you don't agree. Not only are Lustrous dice beautiful, but the series also offers a unique blend of colors that we really haven't seen before -- purples, greens, blacks, and seriously awesome bronzes, golds, and blues. In total, there are eight different color options available to RPG gamers and collectors.

Click here to see the entire Lustrous collection.

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Dark Blue
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Shadow
  • Slate

Lustrous Effect

Lustrous Green DiceFrom the D4 all the way up to the D20, every Lustrous die is polished to a high, glossy sheen. This smooth, brilliant finish really makes the blended colors pop, and gives credence as to why the dice are named lustrous.

Like all Chessex dice we carry, the Lustrous series has pre-inked, easy-to-read numbers. Ink colors include white, silver, and gold, and contrast perfectly with the varying lustrous hues.


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